Yang Lin Shanghai Longfeng sites are 8 main reasons causing K

2, the station optimization is not standardized, not in conformity with the search engine optimization.

8, domain name joint, this is the main domain name two level domain name has been K off, the other two of your domain name with domain name are k possible.


5, CSS hidden code, the search engine can be found, I suggest you use js to call these hidden code, because the spider does not go to js.

when your website is not search engine included any page, that your site has been K. The Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin under the analysis of all sites are several main reasons of K:

4, Links problem, we must regularly check their website Links, best to read several times a day, to see the other side of the site, according to the discretion. If the quality is not high, the chain can be removed, and the correlation of the best friends of the chain, it will make you think love Shanghai is feasible in this industry.

7, IP joint, that is your website with IP are being punished, your site will be affected.

The quality of

site has too much junk code, Shanghai dragon optimization technique is too heavy, the accumulation of keywords. Sometimes some optimization techniques can be used in the old station, also can have very good rankings, but these techniques do not at the railway station, because the new weight is very low. There is a reasonable use of HTML tags, what place should use what labels are to understand, in the place website plus H1 plus H1, the indiscriminate use of optimization techniques, which are not conducive to search engine optimization, in fact, the optimization must be natural, not too far.


site is k often occur, but Shenyang, Shanghai dragon Yang Lin, suggest that you do business with their own station, station, the love of Shanghai as a user to treat you, then your site will greatly reduce the chance of being K.

6, outside the chain, don’t use mass software, these techniques search engine that will handle. The chain recommended to the high correlation website or Forum blog to send you, this will be effective and stable to improve website weight. Not related to no meaning, just a number.

1, the website is too poor, the article basically are collected by means of originality is too low, especially the new station to the railway station, Shanghai, love the study period is very strict, if collected too much is likely to receive the punishment.

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