The method is right down 4 month stand an article back to normal

I specifically how to operate it? It is really very simple, high quality article collocation outside the chain of high quality! Insist on a few days, want to be right down to


original article, so we lack high quality articles! In fact, this is my very headache thing, because the chain resources very little (is a good resource of high weight)! A few days ago, I in our A5 webmaster (here I just in my personal example, you also can to other relevant categories of website submission) contributed an article, is based on my own website in writing! Regulation is very clear, view is unique, so the administrator review by this article! I did not think that our website was beginning to recover the weight to me! Love Shanghai, see a lot of sites are reproduced in the chain, and on my website! But A5 webmaster net weight is very high, so the weight transfer and others reproduced, make my website can be said to be Restored in overnight

in fact, the high quality of the article is the original article, we write some articles, don’t need how many words provisions, but at least more than 2-3 hundred words! And then try to unique title, before writing the original article title, we can think of several title, then go to Shanghai to see if there is love. No repeat, no words can use the content! Then try to appear 1-2 times the content of the title! This is conducive to the inside pages of the rankings

! !


high quality of the chain chain

today is Thursday, before going to bed, I still like many webmaster, check the website! Although one of my site is down right, and right down for more than 4 months, but I still adhere to the site to see the status of every day! Because I am also a novice, many places are not very understand, I find the reason when down the right, found that Links has a problem, I would like to withdraw Links, then the quality of all acquisition, I will go to the pseudo original article! All removed the mass chain! But time in the past 4 months, still no movement! How do I see light suddenly. Let my site back to life! Let’s take a look at my website now the specific circumstances, as follows:

finally, I was summarized, if your site is down right, don’t worry, slowly, old.


This is my = submission

look at this is crazy reproduced in your article, give me a lot of natural


in the webmaster tools to check the weight of 2

high quality of the original article =


this is my view of today’s traffic statistics to flow:

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