Virtual son rain website optimization work to make stage summary

, mainly for the filling of website content. Because the site is larger, more complex structure, need more content, this time need to edit a lot of content, editing the Daily editorial of 3 diseases, each disease which is divided into four sections: the etiology, symptoms, diet, treatment. Each section also need to prepare 5 articles, such as editing work every day 50-60 article. Which lasted more than a week, the content of the basic web sites need to be filled in the middle to 300 articles about editing. Due to time constraints, the workload is large, the quality of editing work may be lacking, but excess task is still worthy of praise. The editor also need to cooperate with the staff to deal with the content of the website optimization, familiar with optimization techniques and ideas for website promotion optimization.

3, the beginning of the February to March period after

This stage is the initial stage of the establishment of

1, from mid December to the end of December

filled with a website cannot do without content, good website need good content as the cornerstone. The highest standards of behavior that content is king as a web editor really too. In view of the hospital web sites, editorial work is particularly important. Especially the new site — Dongyuan cancer network, in the new need to grasp the quality of the article, the content of the website do best.

this stage because the website structure has been basically completed, the content of the website to enrich it, but from the perspective of optimizing every day, still need to continue to fill a lot of new articles to the site of blood, come to the search engine grab. During this period the daily work for editing 15-20 articles. In this stage, with particular attention to the quality of the website, in addition to the content of the website as possible to optimize, with the completion of daily work through optimization, improve the quality of website content to enhance the site’s weight.

, editor of

work summary

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The optimization work has recently been busy with a hospital, the optimization of a long time, has been to see the effect, the heart is very anxious, but also worry not to rush, only from their own body for reasons. I give website optimization when will generally do a periodic summary, so to sort out their own ideas, but also conducive to some shortcomings and need to review before the improvement in the future. Take the time today to give yourself some time ago some work done to make a summary, including editing work summary and optimization work summary, hope that we can to something from the simple summary of my middle school.

2, a month early to January after

some time ago due to site has reached 300, but the proportion of comprehensive website, collection is still not ideal, so the editorial work is still arduous task. This time editing workload has increased, the daily 20-30 article, is also required to ensure the quality of. Because of this month after the period of the site because of the need for maintenance, so the update has decreased, "

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