Three correlation factors in Shanghai Longfeng ranking decision

external links is a key factor to improve website ranking, but often see a lot of friends always love rookie signature chain in some webmaster forum, I is not recommended to do so, because? According to the search engine relevance judgments, if not related website or web content no correlation between the external links, then the external link effect is very bad, or it can be said that the garbage outside the chain. Of course, here is not to say that the chain webmaster forum have no effect, can only say the webmaster forum external links just suitable for webmaster type or Shanghai dragon type site useful, this is the correlation between the external links to a web site, the first to do the related external links, then you must go to the search site the correlation between the external links in the site before, to select the site can do the anchor text related external links, is very favorable for the website ranking, once had a friend, do material website, then I told him to put the website pictures alt writing, and then find related sites to do external links, then the effect is the best, and now they have become thousand webmaster.

3. Links correlation

Links for a new station is too important, when you are new sites without weight, Links help you transfer the weight, Links also help you gain a high quality of the external links, but later in the construction site, if you want to have a website weight higher, better the website ranking, you must be Links related to do website, a friend of the website, the website.

correlation factor has been the most important problem of the search engine, a good website must have a good article, or is the high quality of the original article, but the original articles are correlated, for example, our website is a type of computer technology, but your article is some content site optimization article, then the search engine according to the correlation factors, will reduce the weight of your site, then your website is certainly not a good ranking, rookie friends can look at the A5 of this column, is mainly aimed at the search and Shanghai dragon type article, then add the corresponding column correlation the search engine, according to the correlation to determine the weight will also give this section of the web site keywords and give good rankings.

The construction site of

for rookie friends, want to learn Shanghai dragon is a very difficult thing, not to speak of profit, once saw a rookie friends built 12 website, not only the last one without success, and he also put money into it, the most important is he my body is worn out. I was also very depressed, it seems that no method is not enough, so not to say nonsense to us today, directly into the

1. content

2. external correlation

The importance of business.The correlation between

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