The website of Shanghai dragon plan how to write


industry analysis:

analysis of competitors:

website program book Shanghai Longfeng is more customers to understand, we want to give him anything, and why to do so, and to what effect do this. So from these three aspects, Shanghai dragon plan should include industry analysis, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, self analysis, optimization strategy and evaluation of several KPI. The following is a brief introduction of the several how to write! I hope useful for everyone.

because Shanghai Longfeng more knowledge of field operation steps, plan is more strategic level, so if the Shanghai dragon scheme writing became Shanghai Longfeng manual, it would be quite different.

we do website optimization a throw open the current situation is the industry, because the Shanghai dragon is not only ranking optimization, more of the time is to bring more transformation, so instead of transformation, talk about ranking, is unrealistic, but also less. So the industry analysis, let us know the industry for the industry, the current situation has a general understanding of the industry, such as positioning of the target population, population age structure, population search features, this is conducive to the analysis of population of our next key words.


analysis can help us to find the target position in this industry, if in an industry to rapid success, you must need multiple resources together, or before a certain accumulation of resources. That is to say, a Shanghai dragon cannot do without the accumulation of resources, it.

write program book Shanghai dragon is engaged in the process of search engine optimization personnel essential, but for just engaged in Shanghai Longfeng staff, may be a bit overwhelming feeling, although the understanding of some of the steps of website optimization, website optimization, such as URL within the site chain optimization, image optimization, structure optimization, page compression, server optimization etc.. But for writing the program book to the customer, will have no way of feeling.


should be analyzed, do Shanghai Longfeng for keyword analysis is certainly water drains, when choosing the keywords we should pay attention to: first, don’t pay attention to the key words, especially new sites, try not to start setting index especially high word, easy to make optimization into a corner. Secondly, for the rational use of words, especially some strong regional industries, especially important in the choice of regional key.

our competitor analysis, a look at his focus, especially in the network is very mature rivals, their focus is to improve our might. 21 we need to analyze website competitors, their site layout what keywords, web server, site optimization to do what, these are our place of study.

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