The use of popular software for a week to earn 603 yuanRestaurant O2O entrepreneurial misunderstandi

I have a small, first made a click goo ads in the station, on the download page and banner are done, and after the installation of a a whoop and a holler, the price is still relatively high. Then I think how to start this reputation? I decided to do a good job, do a week, not to see how much money promotion, immersed in a week of work. Wait a week and see the result. Want to go to the fame of war propaganda, see in the portal site to publish it, send it best, not even. At least one of my promotional approaches. He carefully wrote a try to the station to contribute, Sina, Sohu, YAHOO has contributed three things, even in YAHOO published a hilarious gas to go after daughter-in-law will do, too excited, the first Jesus has contributed in YAHOO! Though, but I also in each big forum huzhuan some the essence of post, and then in the post behind the signature is generated by click do goo. Someone asked me how I did it, and I gave him the address directly. And then go to the forum water irrigation, produce a lot of funny expressions, are dynamic, very attractive, attractive. And put the connection behind the post.

review: Although the business experience is a close call, but the food and beverage industry still has become the first stop for a lot of people to start, and we choose the restaurant industry to start a business is generally two modes, and no entity store takeout mode, and it is easier to do takeout low investment starting? < /p>

recently published several articles, none of which have been approved. What article am I trying to write today? I’m racking my brains for that. For a rookie like me, writing a technical article, I really can’t do it. Finally decided to put in a recent project, using software with goo personality a week ringtones earned 603 yuan to the entire process to share with you.

is thinking of the impact of the Internet, many people choose to do poineering work for the first time in life all the food and beverage industry, in fact, don’t look at the demand of catering industry market is large, with seemingly easy, but one of the doorways in deep water, the basic business experience to find partners, find a store, decoration, discussion mode, product design service, promotion, training, logistics, financial management, business registration, new product development, customer maintenance, brand strategy, project liquidation and so on can be said to be disbanded, though small, hidden and taste, all business, difficult encounter in the catering industry.


restaurant industry misunderstanding one: no shop takeaway investment is relatively low, easier to start

this time I did not forget our strong Tencent! First from the space in the space, I published about when my words with pictures instead of

this is the first most people’s misunderstanding, compared with that in the home or rent a small store to do the remote location of the central kitchen takeaway delivery costs will invest in a store than eat-in based shops investment cost less.

eat mainly shop storefront not only provide products made to accommodate guests eat, in fact is mainly the good location of the store is a natural flow of people, the flow of people determines the size of the store value, there are lots of good publicity, not every day business is not broken, this is the traditional model of the store the advantage, but in recent years, rent and labor more expensive, makes the shop good location of dividend is also more and more small, but this does not mean that this is the value of the rent burden, this is our turn to rent stores in the downtown area rented a large billboard.

, should be able to attract friends to use "talk", is from the original plate to the revision of the mood. Added pictures to add functionality. Currently only supports 2011 beta qualified users. Then in the spatial data option. In the edit bar of the signature file, insert the pictures and text you want to put in. In the good friend space message, choose to use the signature file, the effect will be achieved in advance. Hey。 I’m in space again

/ Wang Mingwei micro signal: 355291578 runner barbecue founder

we choose the restaurant industry to start a business is generally two modes, and no entity store takeout mode, two modes have become more and more mixed, even high-end catering beauty began takeaway delivery, you can know the situation of catering industry in recent years is not easy.

speaking of things from a week ago, I wandered on the Internet, Download Station in a pop-up ads: " personality ringtone software generator, teach you to easily make funny expressions", I think this should be a CPA ad, with a puzzled heart I opened the website, found behind with a small tail extension connection. I have browsed the whole station. There is a promotion was found to be the most profitable announcement, see again after I found almost promotion and tuxiu show the I explain the promotion, Meitu Xiu Xiu you registered after a connection, others according to the link you download and install Meitu Xiu Xiu, 0.2QB and click is not installed a goo is 1 yuan, but this is cash, Meitu Xiu Xiu is QB. I think QB is useless, then I decided to do this project and see what the profit is like.

although the business experience is a close call, but the food and beverage industry and become the first station of many businesses, personal choice for the catering industry accumulated entrepreneurial experience is optimistic, after all, can not control the investment, can start quickly, good market reaction is very fast, for many years of work, the first school partners business partners, is the most rapid increase of entrepreneurial experience value of the "Whampoa  military academy", so if this is the first choice of venture capital investment, not much, I am willing to try to encourage the attitude, after all, no other business more exercise, take this as the first venture accumulation of gas station the experience was worth it.

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