Traveler network off from bondage to the Tencent investment Lei Jun 6 years of hard workP2P dot melt

financial network, believes women have less opportunities in society than men, so women entrepreneurs are willing to give more support. In his personal financial investments, he pays particular attention to women’s business ventures, offering women as many opportunities as possible. The melting point of the network core management team, nearly half of the managers are women, therefore, to Ms. such outstanding entrepreneur, the melting point of the network management team is very supportive, specially set up financing shortcut for her.


used to make decisions in a day, and one to six years.

received the loan application of Ms. Zeng, the financial control team of the finance network soon contacted Ms. zeng. As a well-known enterprises in Yunnan province and the national energy-saving emission reduction pioneer enterprises, the melting point of the network risk control team believes that the enterprise’s credit, to have risk rating companies in MS B1, given a preferential lending rate of 11.99%, and in order to support women entrepreneurs, the melting point of the network for the opening of "green channel", after Ms. Zeng submitted the information, risk control team in 24 hours to complete all the audit process, the loan will be out at the end of February on the line in time. The 2 million 600 thousand of the 6 month loan from 7 pm to second days on the line more than 12 noon, just 17 hours all lend, a total of 637 investors, the average investment of 4080 yuan, the largest P2P, so don’t know each other people to lend money to the borrower strange. The efficiency of the audit process and the rapid financing make it possible for Ms. Zeng’s enterprises to invest in R & D and production immediately.

"the forest of Norway", Watanabe asked, "why is it so charming?". "I have this ability," he said. "It’s always around. Why don’t you try?"."

today, we are seeing women’s day, a P2P enterprise – dot finance network, also in March this year, officially launched a 50 percent reduction in female loan approval fees, helping women entrepreneurs.

Tencent signed a separation agreement, from 08 to 14, off 6 years of hard work. The feeling of star sank, the rain in Heyuan. Ambiguous is fresh or disappointed.

Lei Jun invests me to start a business, it is sober decision-making.


but why Lei Jun will support my head? I haven’t asked him. Lei Jun can speak more warm than Premier Wen Jiabao

China Internet is curious and changeful, as changeable as clouds and rain, people find opportunities in which turned the upstart, some people lost in the spotlight where how many ups and downs of the story.

we start from a new workplace, cruising in this society, first to win in ability and energy. Then lose sight and decision power.

Su Haide, founder of the

2004, I’m talking about buying hummingbird nets on behalf of CNETChina.

I decided not to join the new fleet, leaving empty handed was a decision.

2014, in the Tencent electricity supplier in the big adjustment, I in the Tencent management tourism business, as Tencent investment with the network of subsidiary conditions sell to the same process, when the square.

in 2008, I took Lei Jun’s angel to invest in the establishment of traveler’s network.

we start making decisions about which company we’re going to join and who we’re going to marry, and then decide which price to buy, which stock, and how big the position is. Then decide what career you start and how to end it.

2011, I put my own traveler network sold to Tencent, when the C.

, but even if she is worth billions, she faces financing problems while expanding her business. She wants to develop new forestry that will improve air quality. In February 2014, he decided to borrow 2 million 600 thousand yuan to expand his business. But getting 2 million 600 thousand dollars isn’t easy. Due to the long approval process of the bank, after a comprehensive consideration, Ms Tsang turned to borrowing from P2P, an emerging web site.

Ceng Shuping, won the Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Association, "2012 outstanding women’s Award", "2009 Kunming science and Technology Progress Award", "2012 Kunming ten outstanding women entrepreneurs" and other honors. She embarked on the road of entrepreneurship more than 10 years ago and founded the Yunnan Dongfanghong company, which made a significant contribution to the energy saving and emission reduction industry in china. From a weak woman who has no hard start, she now has billions of dollars in assets.

in the past ten years have past, yibingding, are equipped with time and pass through, experience in the body, I think is two words "vision" and "decision".

I sell the website to Tencent is a post thinking decision.

I decided to start a business is a blind decision.

hummingbird’s startup team, selling hummingbird nets to CNET, was the right decision. This story has been developed so far for 10 years.

initially everyone’s quality and ability are almost the same, again and again after the decision, everyone’s path, vision, resources, energy vary.

Tencent decided in the megasporocyte, all are incorporated into the dinghy fleet, is a strategic decision.

my entrepreneurial decision is so reckless and opportunistic.

in understanding and comparison of the domestic many P2P website, Ms. Zeng finally chose in the point of financial network loans. The transparency, safety and regularity of the financial network are the primary reasons for her choice of borrowing money from the financial networks. In addition, the financial network of experienced management team is also an important reason for ms..

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