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with burn staking business, O2O and other industries, is always a single brush around the past "Kaner", become the industry’s unspoken rule as everyone knows.

in fact, as early as more than 20 years ago, our learning about Apple and Jobs is no less than today. In fact, apple can say, to some extent, completely influenced my life.

and love flowers are also disclosed that a single brush flow. From the data, in 2013, 2014, 2015, 1-7 months brush amount were 8701 pens, 90 thousand and 900 pens, 163 thousand and 700 pens, brush count, respectively, accounted for 4.95% of the current sales, 24.05%, 42.02%.

at the age of 18, the first time I saw "Silicon Valley fire" this book in the library of Wuhan University, the book tells the story of a technical revolution of Jobs and so a bunch of computer amateurs in Silicon Valley launched, bringing the entire computer technology revolution. From then on, the influence of apple and Jobs began to linger on me, and I’ve been hoping to start a world-class business ever since.

after that, I bought dozens of iPhone products for each generation, not only for myself, but also for colleagues and friends.

so in the takeout list, the first

is the company itself to the data more brisk, active or condone the brush on the other hand is a large single; businesses in order to give subsidies, defrauding the company to get better exposure, efforts will be through various channels for a single brush. This is the O2O field brush single phenomenon frequent two sins.

in September 2007, I bought my first iPhone in San Francisco, then Kingsoft listing roadshow has come to an end, San Francisco is the last stop, I went to the apple store, spent $299 bought iPhone.

love flowers said scalping is a means of marketing, by company employees or outsourced to external personnel, the company in accordance with the requirements in the single platform, in order to improve the company’s product sales ranking in the platform, will help improve the company’s product sales.

"scalping hasn’t been anything new. It’s in every walk of life.". It’s just brushing more and brushing less." Many O2O entrepreneurs in the field of Tencent technology said.

, I remember clearly, when Jobs said he invented the cell phone, many people don’t agree with it. Today, four years later, and I believe that everyone agrees, old Joe did reinvent the phone and redefine the smartphone".

take away the brush is not uncommon,

after that, I learned a lot from apple and Jobs. For example, Jobs products tend to be all R & D, throw the helve after the hatchet, marketing and promotion of 100% over a period of time to focus on a product, even only one type of a color, do not leave any posterior, iPod, iPhone are so successful, these ideas of work affect my days after deep.

published by the industry only love flowers scalping of the iceberg, there is a single brush, brush standings behavior of a large number of O2O and game industry.

, however, it is rare to make public the scalping. "It’s normal for data to exist. Any company needs marketing, and we don’t have the obligation to disclose real data to the outside world." An entrepreneur speaks bluntly about the Tencent technology. These published data, in the end is a true reflection of the company’s operating conditions, the outside world can not know, even investors can only be "approaching" the truth.

to enclose the incremental market, attract new users, hungry, U.S., sh419 takeaway often played the first single by X "slogan, such as the first single minus 10 yuan, a 15 yuan of fast food is only 5 yuan.

in fact, behind Jobs, there are many like Cook, Eve and Johnson such a master. > Library

the more so, the more we tend to feel that we don’t know enough about apple.

A corner of

Tencent science and technology survey found that in the takeaway platform, professional brush hand eyes, hungry Mody, the United States Group takeaway, comment takeaway, sh419 takeaway, Superman takeaway is their meat". However, compared with the early Group buy brush is different, take away scalping profit is low, single quantity is smaller, full reduction and first single relief become brush single hand and businesses most favored type.

however, today listed on the new board of Shanghai Aishang flower Limited by Share Ltd is openly in the public transfer statement released a single brush details: 2013 -2015 July in order to carry out the business marketing brush out 260 thousand orders, false sales amount more than 30 million yuan to produce a single brush.

iPhone is Apple’s peak, it represents Apple’s minimalist, restrained and smooth design style, Apple’s design and innovation tips, is the most talked about place.

when there are more and more friends with iPhone, the wave of mobile Internet has been raging, in the mobile Internet business with unprecedented enthusiasm, the world began to set off an upsurge of learning apple and Jobs.


remembers the first time I got iPhone, I was a little shaken by iPhone, and this revolutionary cell phone is impressive in every way. In this way, I became a iPhone amateur promotion, many friends in my "sales" under the choice of iPhone.

, but iPhone’s success, Apple’s skills beyond design are also worth learning.

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