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The               just a few years, the rapid development of mobile Internet, interactive communication, and the four traditional media, spawned a large number of new media, the new media to provide unique the service provides irreplaceable A new force suddenly rises., the marketing value for the enterprise, in the pattern of world economy growth is very important. Therefore, the new marketing magazine at the end of this year will be held the first "new media and Marketing Innovation Summit", the domestic new media to conduct a comprehensive inventory, in order to promote the development of new media marketing, to promote the application of new media, new media will burst out more potential energy enterprises.Although Chris

as the core of the PPC search is one of the most important profit model initiative since the birth of the Internet, and much criticized for countless businesses created by network to express the chance of success, but also to the enterprise has brought huge profits to search. Listed in chronological order, the first is YAHOO’s acquisition of Overture in May 1999 GoTo for a "get through in the search results list system and the positions of the method" patent; October 2001, sh419 launched the business — "PPC search engine" new model in February 2002, shlf1314 launched China; the AdWords AD plan. So far as the three largest search engines are available, Internet users can only accept the situation.

lead: if you still remember the beautiful, said the transformation of the matter, as a traditional vertical electricity supplier, it is too out. Beauty is about to evolve into a huge platform for fashion discovery, and its creative power will make Ma Huateng shine.

one morning in mid March, Xu Yirong again accepted the exclusive interview with start-up nation, introducing the layout of beauty that started in the second half of 2014. "I do not want to say that beauty is a traditional electricity supplier website, relying on expanding traffic, increase UV survival." Xu Yirong said, "no, we’re going to do something subversive."." Beautiful, 2014 total turnover of about 5 billion 600 million yuan, 2015 is expected to reach 15 billion yuan, the next three years, hope to reach 100 billion. Beautiful says, the core strategy of 2015, it is to surround the scale of 100 billion yuan of the future to undertake layout next.


China’s economic development in the past few years, there are two major trends, first, rapid consumption upgrades, the user’s ability to upgrade consumption, but also seek more professional, more personalized service. Another is technology, in the subversion of traditional industries, the rapid evolution of the Internet, mobile Internet technology will reshape the entire industry pattern, from production mode to profit model will change.

2014 August, "entrepreneur" exclusive beauty when founder Xu Yirong, he tells the story of the transition occurred in November 2013 see "the beautiful Xu Yirong said: a vertical electric Nirvana". At that time, Taobao said to the beauty of such shopping guide website massive blocking network chain, resulting in beautiful said traffic fell sharply, had to make rapid transition, women fast fashion vertical electricity supplier’s decision. Only half a year after the last interview, the transformation and the traditional electricity supplier image is already the past, and then look at the beautiful, it is too out.

2015, to create a huge fashion discovery platform

beautiful says that the strategic core of 2015 is embracing everything unprecedented


Internet search across two periods, marking the search and search speed has long been the past, and now these two aspects of the difference has been completely neglected. In the face of massive information instantly, the brand business search quality and accuracy have been significantly differentiated, but this difference is difficult to unity, because the main profit – PPC mode which is directly related to the search engine.

Competition in the mass era after

however, this market is too large, more than 60% of Internet users use search services every day, even 1% of the market share, also means huge wealth. The pursuer and the Challenger should not be ignored, though in the past 3 years, the overall pattern has not been significant changes, but the search brands have accelerated the pace of running all the way, who are not against excessive entanglement, and sharpen their weapon in the "technology" and "innovation" of the two search service.

· in the long tail theory of Anderson, Chinese Internet search industry is still at large off the Pareto classic "28 law". sh419 and shlf1314 China two companies occupy the entire Chinese Search about 80% market share, YAHOO, Sina, Sogou China Sohu asked in the search search engine can only be hard to catch up, to live again ahead in the remaining 20% market share of the station.

often soak in the beautiful fashion girl said collection circle, in order to find a combination of fashion and technology innovation, but Xu Yirong is still careless about dressing technology man’s image, wearing a dark blue cotton padded jacket, pink lace neck hanging card, often hearty laugh. His latest book is Horowitz’s "venture, the only difficult", the book says, there are two kinds of CEO in the world, one is adversity type CEO, and one is prosperity type CEO. "I may experience too much adversity, it is a CEO of adversity, and I must keep shouting and developing."."

Xu Yirong predicts that these two trends will continue for ten years or even longer. Beautiful said that it is in line with this trend, the next three years, from 15 billion to 100 billion yuan trading volume, or even larger scale.

market will not allow monopolies to exist, at any time possible

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