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"the decision at the time was a gamble. There is no other resource available, so I think, ‘everything will be all right, so think of this money as a seed investment,’",’ Deane recently told Vanity Fair Founders Fair in New York.


The rational layout of the

then, the determined Deane decided to invest in the money, such as starting a business to earn the money she needed.

is suitable for GGAD station:
1, computer professional technology station, such as Linux, database, server, network equipment and so on. It has high click rate and high unit price.
2, all kinds of industry stations, such as hardware, agriculture, steel, building and so on.

3, women’s stations: including, but not limited to, clothing, cosmetics, fashion, beauty and so on.

2, novel station, reason: website visitor is old user mostly, basically won’t produce click, advertisement content and the content that the website browser needs does not accord with.
novel website available in the text, or flip, increase the click rate of novel website PV is the highest
3, the reason music station: copyright, advertising can not match.
technique is in the information or music related local increase in advertising banners.
4; movie station; reason: ditto.
5, beauty gossip entertainment station, reason: GGAD vulgar advertising less or no, the unit price is too low suitable for slightly higher than the above four points.
6, and flash stations: Reason: ads cannot match.

, while she was brainstorming, wanted to start her own business, Deane noticed the quality of school bags back to school. She was going to look for a traditional ">"

recently, foreign media CNBC reported a production backpack start-up company The British Satchel Company, on its website reading quantity ranking. This article describes in detail the mother of two children Julie Deane, the reasons for choosing a business, the difficulties experienced in business, and how to sell the company brand, etc., to share with readers.

before 2008, Deane had worked as an accountant, a full-time mother, and a university faculty. She also had a simple idea of entrepreneurship, which was inspired by the tea in the kitchen. "I think it’s obvious that a lot of people go home every day, and if you’re English, you might need a cup of tea, too. In addition, putting your computer in the kitchen and working with tea will make you feel great." She said.

1 and picture sites makes it easy for readers to click on

The birth of

of course, things than expected good: in five years, Deane will be the first $775 into a $65 million business — The Cambridge Satchel Company, a shop selling bags in more than 120 countries around the world. Celebrities such as Taylor, Swift, Alexa, Chung, Zooey, Deschanel, and Elle Fanning have carried their bags back home.

meets this kind of experience. As a two child, mother’s Julie Deane swears to send her child to a private school. Unfortunately, Deane was only 600 pounds about $775, not 24000 pounds about $31000 to pay for the tuition.



2007, Julie Deane’s 8 year old daughter Emily was bullying home from school on the arm with the hurt in school, it is from the beginning, she became less happy and outgoing.

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