The latest announcement on the modification of azure accounting methods90 entrepreneurs Liu Xin inve

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90 well-known entrepreneur Liu Xin, full Xin Technology CEO, its company operates millions of WeChat large and website group, the circle of friends, many of the most popular, large flow of H5 applications are from his team. Stationmaster comes from him, the style that does things is very cruel. His company has also invested.

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‘s business circle is very impetuous, Liu Xin’s company is located in Zhongguancun, the business center, he and other impetuous impetuous entrepreneurs, 90 he company is profitable, he is at a very young age to get financial freedom.

for the domain name investment after 90, he has a really classic statement: "in this world, in this country, there are many pits, we must be careful, in fact a lot of friends asked me whether the domain name investment, but I do not advise them to do the investment, because the water is deep, the domain name investment and Cai Wensheng’s domain name investment is not the same, it is also a method of play. I invest in the domain name is ready to lose the light, but also within my ability, I am willing to take this huge risk."

webmaster origin, he has already contacted domain name investment, once bought, handled some good domain name, but did not put in a lot of money to do. This year, under the recommendation of his friend, he participated in the 6 digital COM domain name registration, invested nearly 5 million of the funds involved in the 5 digital and 6 digital domain name investment. Friends of the domain name know that the 6 digit domain name has risen several times in just a few months, and Liu Xin has benefited greatly.


Liu Xin himself said that the domain name investment in this fire, far more difficult than we force these entrepreneurs revenue is too easy. There are a lot of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial companies, financing millions, 889 feel a lot, some everywhere in the domain of life on the market there are a lot of people income.

since September 1, 2007, azure network four, five star users through the union link into the website, shopping consumption is no longer included in the union accounting orders.  
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