Advancing in struggle is the spirit of the dark horse Pre voting disputes the truth of game between


We often say

just three months ago, just got C round of $350 million financing pocket shopping, but also because a report, and into the vortex of opinion, and triggered the venture capital circle of Sequoia Capital condemnation.

had the blue, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, was the junior class eachnet backbone entrepreneurs, founded in 2009, overseas shopping website "Ocean Terminal", positioning for overseas online shopping platform to connect overseas retailers and Chinese local consumers. According to media reports, foreign wharf trading volume in 2014 was 660 million yuan.

completed the B round of investment in the foreign terminal, ever blue wave to all staff wrote an open letter, the letter involves the evaluation of some VC institutions, and this letter has reached the venture capital circle, and sparked heated debate.

, but the recent two "incident", but the "dispute" before. Many PE investors like the relationship between entrepreneurs and investors as a "marriage relationship" because an PE institution often follows the company for 35 years or more after investing in an enterprise. And "creation" and "throwing" are both the interests community and the conflict of interest.

to the outstanding as a habit, they will not Chollima meet the existing achievements, they would have been struggling, forward. When we were still amazed at iPod, Jobs invented the cell phone with iPhone, and when we were immersed in the perfect iPhone, Jobs introduced iPad again. He had never thought of a lot of glory, it is to do more efforts, progress in the struggle, when you inadvertently, Chollima already transformed, it shows the best horse spirit with their own efforts and progress. Everyone is eager to become a dark horse, but success is less and less, "Ma said most people died in tomorrow night, because too many people insist on himself, don’t even trust yourself, they become the dark horse of the Eve because do not see the dawn of the second day and withdrew. But the real dark horse will never know clearly what you are doing.

on the evening of January 29th, Zeng Bo told reporters on the phone: "I this >!"

to become the dark horse before, try your best to do a horse

advances in struggle and never gives up on himself.

newspaper reporter Pan Hong, Shanghai reported

Ceng Bibo: the original intention is to motivate the team

"in 2012 May we gave the whole company layoffs, I was 30 at the time, only a few people wrote the famous" the dark before the dawn "message, a sentence is inscribed:" when the resurgence and we can not the vision of the VC children’s shoes loudly shout: sorry, the price we Pro "our 2013 full year profit! The resurrection full of blood, until now, yes, we are going up, but the price a lot, a lot of that, up to today I cannot read……"

has never been an accidental phenomenon, this year’s millet is fully deserve a huge dark horse, won the 2012 annual China Lei in entrepreneurial character when he said "sometimes the luck of 1% more than 99% efforts", indeed, but without the 99% effort, the luck of 1% may never come. Before the founder Lei Jun millet, Lei Jun is a very outstanding entrepreneur, he founded millet has been doing their best to provide users with high quality products at low prices, during the dispute, there is a misunderstanding, or even abusive, but he has been leading the effort to do the excellent products of millet. We can’t deny that before the millet Lei Jun and his success, Lei Jun is a horse, he founded joyo, founder of Jinshan, is an excellent angel investor, has its own profound insights on the Internet and mobile internet. Millet is a horse, dare to change the traditional mobile phone industry market structure, dare to do high performance mobile phone but the price is not high, the new model to create Internet plus mobile phone, treat every Rice noodles…… Although not every horse can break out in the fierce competition, but the horse out of the tight encirclement disease. Think of the reason why Tencent can rely on WeChat to get mobile Internet tickets, why Xu Zheng could create new myths "a real Thai" embarrassed because in the dark, on the eve of their itself is a horse! Chances are always for those who are prepared, to become a dark horse, start with the dark horse of the heart and the dark horse of the spirit. Try your best to do a horse!

had blue in an open letter to employees, said Morningside capital, matrix partners, strategic investment department, Alibaba named NLVC, between the lines looming "fire" PE ".

in 1999 after many well-known companies, who had won the PE investment institutions, the latter and business disputes occur frequently, but in the past referred to in front of the PE mechanism is more as a business outside shareholders and entrepreneurs of the dispute, namely "investment disputes", which can be attributed to the problem one of the company’s governance structure.

Ceng Bibo has not thought that when he founded the "foreign dock" just received $100 million from the tournament fund, a letter addressed to his employees was made public. He was considered "black" as a whole venture capitalist circle".

The establishment of

the past disputes, as if men and women marry "strange bedfellows"; the last two dispute, slobber war more like men and women in love is not caused by the fruition. Behind it, there is a game between investors and entrepreneurs.

The success of

at this moment, perhaps the next tycoon is rising – it is running, it is struggling, it is moving forward, because it is a dark horse, because this is its mission, and this is the spirit of a dark horse. I’m thinking, what’s the real dark horse spirit,


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