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September 21st, 2006 China Internet Conference opened in beijing. This conference takes "innovation – the opportunity brought by Internet" as the theme, and Sina designated the website for the general assembly. September 23rd, the annual meeting of network marketing and national agents conference.

map: Beijing linktech Information Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Wang speech. Photo by Luo Lei

The following is the full text of the speech

Korea network cost scale in the total cost of advertising, including TV, magazines and so on all the advertising fee is 710 million won, the network advertisement has accounted for 42>

Zero DB

public just needed? Most people would say, "no!"". The spiritual needs of helping others are always after the material needs of the individual. However, since 2014, the state and local governments have introduced a series of precise Poverty Alleviation Policies, local organs and enterprises at all levels of Party organizations at least twinning helping a village. "The village households" assigned to specific tasks for helping every civil servant. However, some grassroots cadres and non salary is not much, alone, limited capacity; family relocation, trapped in the application of education grants, supervisor support will be delayed.

2. get more "point praise" poor children priority in the front row, through the point of praise to encourage dissemination, once the fund-raising target, automatically cycle to the end of the team, to ensure fairness. The rate of sharing after donation is 50%.


"decibel raising" and the love of the future charitable foundation cooperation, the user’s contributions through the WeChat payment directly to the foundation account, each raised a quarter, unified release to the guardian card. In addition to segregated funds and credit endorsements, the foundation also provides legal support for zero decibels, such as signing paper authorizations and protecting children’s privacy.

reportedly, "decibel chips" first batch of on-line review of more than 3000 children’s photos and information, donation amount is set to 100 yuan / month, the user can also choose the shortest, weekly or the longest annual donation. At present, more than 2.4 registered users, more than 1300 donations, the total fund-raising over 200 thousand yuan. According to statistics, donors basically have a certain economic base, 70% of the social circle from the civil service, 30% from the marketing.

CEO Wang Li introduction, zero decibel in the past year has accumulated a large number of foundation and public welfare projects data, and with the more than 60 counties and cities signed an agreement. The "DB chips" data from the government office of poverty alleviation, are helping object conditions is clearly defined, corresponding to the actual situation of civil servants visited the family, "Participatory" to ensure that the authenticity of the poor children. Local government issued a document informing the civil servants to register the use of products. Civil servants upload information about the children who are responsible for helping them, edit personalized content, forward them via social software, and seek support from more people.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

Is the

I found that "decibel chips" in product design and operation reflects some of the ingenious Internet thinking:

3. support by region, birthday and so on

36 krypton reported in March last year, the end of the line for a "precise poverty Internet 6-14 years old child poverty, can not only raise the decibel" quick cash and also provides efficient donor channel for civil servants and other social users.

cooperation with the government, data verification cost is extremely low; civil servants collected photo editing information, with its own credit guarantee true information, content costs are negligible, zero DB only need to design a standardized review process.

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