shlf1314 AdSense’s account has been hung up by them Depressed Lei Jun Wang Xing and other three co

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Beauty Group founder Wang Internet career so many years of ups and downs used four words to express. He did a lot of SNS projects, the school had experienced fracture of funds sold, had no meal but closed, but finally rely on strong American success.

‘s case against Internet users suing shlf1314 AdSense is in session today……

but I can’t access my account at night……

serial entrepreneur Wang

the first time I went to the Silicon Valley, that was the first wave of the Internet’s most enthusiastic. At that time, the whole world to Silicon Valley as a global innovation. But in Silicon Valley, I heard about one of the most important word is "Silicon Valley success of failure tolerance". Silicon Valley to encourage young entrepreneurs, because in their view, young entrepreneurs is not what can not afford to lose. The worst you can still go back to find a job. As for the risk investment, the most amazing is that they will tell you that they would vote loser. If a run to change entrepreneurs resume too good, life has not met failure, VCs will probably beat a retreat. On the contrary, for those who have experienced failure, but can have a profound review and Reflection on the failure and let the VCs think have learned more by venture entrepreneurs welcome.


shlf1314 of the AdSense group is clearly something

of course later he found a good project, the school network. We all know that school is a replica of the United States Facebook. At that time there have been a number of similar SNS and internal competition, such as a and 5Q, but the school network to do fast, very fast.

for shlf1314  AdSense month trial case invalid click

2003 Wang from University of Delaware suspended, took good brother Wang Huiwen home business together. No programming is self programming, for several projects, for several projects failed.

just sent them e-mail, waiting for news.

Chinese for failure since ancient times is some taboo. The so-called Losers are always in the wrong., Chinese values have been following the worship of "success", and shunned for failure. In the thirty years of Chinese enterprise, numerous entrepreneurs are revelers and media holding on the altar, but once the problem will soon be relentless criticism, up and down.

today verifies a new shlf1314 AdSense account

was activated by phone because he wanted to receive $soon, and the result was hung up on


after returning to China, I have witnessed the first wave of Internet entrepreneurs Chinese. At that time, the Internet in the China blank, VCs are more willing to vote has been successful experience of entrepreneurs. The simplest is those with the American elite qualifications China students; of course most of their money boondoggle, and of those who think the most God’s favored one silent, rarely experience stage a comeback. Of course there are exceptions, the achievements of the myth of millet Lei Jun, Wang Xing finally tieshukaihua groups in the United States on the project, Kang Jingwei became the lead Comtech core city industrial electricity supplier in the market of Alibaba. They are not so "successful" experience, but at the end of two to three times after the toss and eventually became immortal, not blind, the opposite is based on failure of accumulated experience, insight into the law, which held a savings of resources.


shlf1314 was sued in South Korea for refusing to pay advertising money

phone activation was successful, and then you can modify the payment methods and addresses, such as

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