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sh419 search why good, why there are so many massive amount, mainly due to sh419’s "Spider Man", without their hard work, sh419 will not have today’s success. sh419 grab speed is indeed relatively high, for each site grab is also the way is not the same. sh419 did not give the webmaster provide submit site map function, because he is very smart, will oneself to analyze the type of site, automatic collection of the most connected pages, so as to collect the content of the entire web site.

2 pure website traffic brings CPS, stationmaster Commission is 5%.


alliance "eBay mobile recharge" product since its launch, by the majority of webmaster active delivery, the effect is obvious, for the beginning of January into a different proportion, make the following requirements:

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title has been summarized we want to achieve the purpose, simply by the flow change, how to use sh419’s shlf1314 flow to earn money? This must start from the advantage of sh419 and shlf1314, sh419 called the largest Chinese search, yes ah, Chinese sh419 search first, most understand Chinese or sh419 although, compared with shlf1314 is the bright younger generation, but bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach, it is clear that sh419 Chinese in search of more than shlf1314, I remember 99 years at the beginning of the Internet, to find what is Sina, the Sohu to search, to from sh419, have never used Sina search Sohu, why? Because sh419 search in Chinese really do well.

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1 offline and other forms of CPS, such as: Taobao stores, physical stores, etc., the Commission is 2%, such as found members use at the same time, offline and web site regular release, commission unified by 2% settlement.

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how to increase the flow of your site? There are many aspects, interested friends can look at the search engine optimization SEO aspects, as long as there is traffic, there will be no worry about the site, no income. When you visit the site to a certain extent, advertising can contact some advertisers or companies in your website, but the website it is recommended to use shlf1314 Adsense, as long as the application is successful, you can put on the advertising code. Of course, if you want to get more shlf1314 advertising revenue, you have to learn more about the shlf1314 Adsense policy, which is not illegal, then a lot of optimize your advertising, such as advertising on the most attractive in what place, how can the advertisement color collocation and the content of the website is fully engaged, different website how to pick the right the advertisement, how the layout is best? This is a lot of problems, see the "shlf1314 Adsense" the secrets of this book can give you the answer.

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in addition, from January onwards, "eBay mobile recharge" products, clearing the amount of the alliance platform will be reflected in the form of bonuses.

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Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

believes that most domestic website traffic is from sh419 to the right, the same shlf1314 also included a number of pages, from shlf1314 to flow is little, many times less than sh419, why? The reason is very simple, the use of Chinese people is the largest in the world, China’s global population first, of course Chinese search is the world’s first, everyone in the habit of thinking, to find things, almost all is to sh419 search. Of course, the more people search, the search site traffic will naturally increase a lot.

advertising is traffic, no matter how, traffic is king, advertising optimization is also important


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