What is the inspiration for the wonderful products on TaobaoAfter the carving of a business dreams c

however, this customer is too low, the children are, but also the sense of self value is not high, the child, do their business, does not earn much trouble, interested friends can point to some high-end mining. The use of vanity to do business can be seen everywhere, we pay careful attention can be found, but do not do low-end customers.

A. is Korean woman, each fire Han can give the domestic Internet friends bring a lot of opportunities, for example, in the webmaster era, a Korean star or a special website, every day white picked up a lot of traffic, and now, it is to pick up the fans star with a time of opportunity.

was a little gloating because he would hardly be recognized. Until one time, he was in Shangri-La to eat, wash your hands, how petty beside someone shouting: "God carved." Since then, he has always worn sunglasses in the face of the media and the public.

in the previous article: "the electricity supplier must see where there is fear, there is gold, there is" profiteering because cited examples of special individual readers caused misunderstanding, so it is necessary to muchun say, or not, either read, his performance is not reliable, interpret out of context. Now, wood spring analysis of the five Taobao on a special product example, and buyers are closely related to psychology, and I hope to inspire you.

"I really hate being recognized."." Sitting in the meeting with a huge Audrey hanging narrow portrait of Hepburn in the room, the little fat middle-aged man, pointing to the black rimmed glasses, with a serious face to the photographer said, "the camera must be for sunglasses, or do not shoot." He turned around and told his assistant to pick up the sunglasses.

fame brought him a lot of convenience. He went to business cooperation and said who he was and had a high rate of success. But this also affects the reputation of daily life, at the roadside stalls to eat Luzhu fire, being recognized, online will have a provocation, "you are not the old love boast exquisite life, how to squat down to eat Luzhu this?" it made him feel very bad.

two, the use of celebrity effects, follow the trend of psychological products

carved God’s real name, Meng woke up. He is Jobs and Ma Yun’s "Super Fans", is also a continuous entrepreneur. In order to achieve financial freedom, he started his business and entered the field of beauty and cosmetics. Because the fun created chowhound, God carved sirloin, Xue pan skewers and other beverage brands. He love dancer Pina Bausch, then her name opened an afternoon tea. In recent years, he founded O2O platform beaver, a group of people want to change the way of life.

God carved has long been famous, since 2006, he used a number of ID, at the end of the world, Katie, knowing, sent on behalf of the network community such as frequent written business marketing post, published some controversial remarks and high-profile and debate, and even launched a war of words. This brought him numerous supporters and attracted many opponents. For a long time, carved God became his symbol in the network.

"making money is definitely my life’s choice."." When Meng woke up, he was just a young man from a worker’s family in Beijing. His dream was the first 10 million to earn a living. Before finding a way to earn 10 million, Meng woke up unhappy.



Taobao wonderful example:

how to pick up the fans? The simplest is to build a star fans exchange group, and then to the Post Bar forum or other group propaganda, skills properly, can quickly fill up, then push the star the same paragraph in the group; or, directly open the Taobao store, selling the same paragraph, doshop to optimization. Post Bar, star group, direct promotion forum.

last August, God carved and hecaitou, Nanpai Sanshu to Belgium to play. Three people on the street to drink beer and chat, several travel Chinese Nanpai Sanshu while pointing to the side, and called his name. Nanpai Sanshu only down a mouthful of drink.


junior school, Meng wake chare in relatives calligraphy and painting shop, sometimes carved chapter. Later joined the Taiwan MLM brand, natural Lisa as trainer, and finally became deputy general manager of the branch. Later, in the Thunis group biological engineering division


vanity, everyone has, but everyone vanity place is not the same.


is selling like, actually can sell so much, and now people are so lack of sense of presence? In the first two years, there is a product called "iPhone fire online generation hang", can be said to be the human vanity by acme, mosquito leg meat is also

"back to think, these projects changed my fate, but the world is less me and my business is no different.". But without iPhone, the world is not what it is today,

vanity is what, my understanding is not honest to face their own, in order to "do not lag behind others," playing swollen face, filled with fat performance. For example, Zhang Erdan saw colleagues in the display of their own calls to buy the Spring Festival train tickets, in order to prove themselves can also, so the price of cattle to buy a ticket……

one, using vanity products

human nature there are many weaknesses, such as Buddhism called "poison three primary afflictions"…… These weaknesses create a great deal of demand, and many times we are paying for human weakness. Taobao is a wonderful place, the wonderful thing is that we can not think of things, sellers can think of and sell, and some sellers really understand the human nature.

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