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I think if it’s a small city, you might be able to develop it as a local gateway. You are a big city, such as Changsha, you have to go to a local portal is too difficult.

I think the individual owners will not disappear, if the individual owners have disappeared, then we do "it still necessary? I believe that personal webmaster will flourish, difficulties are only temporary, we do websites, such as outdated, station, A5," and so on. After much development space.

individuals selling products of choice, you can see more TV shopping, TV shopping products are basically profiteering.

wrong wrong wrong, if you want to have different with other webmaster channels to obtain a higher income, in addition to search for the monthly advertiser, click advertisement alliance is also very important, I found a very good reputation of the advertising alliance called Lele advertising alliance, first caught my eye is 80 /1000IP yuan, the high quality website and CPM according to the number that pay advertising options, and monthly advertising attracted me various forms of propaganda. Of course, "my sister" is now their monthly customers, so in the introduction of the site how to make money on the experience of recommending them.

so personal Adsense do e-commerce, I think should only do a small product. Not many products, accurate enough. You choose a windfall product. Just make a product. You must be making money.

is now doing more profitable two sites, when I was in the webmaster conference answer Xiaoxiang Morning reporter when also said. I’ll talk more about it here.

regardless of any website, especially the picture station, it takes high bandwidth and high cost. Therefore, it is difficult to survive without the support of advertising funds. "My sister" will continue to support the "Lele advertising alliance" as a long-term partner.

1: do e-commerce: e-commerce development a lot of good, such as excellence, Dangdang, and so on. If you personally want to do such a station, I think the possibility of making a big difference is almost zero. Those stations need too much investment, hundreds of millions of millions of burning money ah. What our individual stationmaster wants to do is the least input, get the biggest output.

individual stationmaster chooses a product correctly, do to a product. So, ranking in front of sh419, shlf1314 front is really not difficult, and then a big portal, in your a single product site, he must also let the edge.

image station can quickly obtain the flow is the majority of owners agree, but let us picture stand to make money by confused, often for entertainment especially picture station because the flow rate to the fast, so the advertisement price is not high, usually with "my sister" about 20 thousand IP picture stand, wandering the top monthly advertising also about 900, according to the website quality may be slightly low or high. But isn’t 20 thousand IP really just a thousand dollars,

I have a friend who is selling shoes website, she sold shoes, tens of thousands of his income for a month, I used to have friends that do this, do that shuiyisheng products. Earn tens of thousands of months. It’s all personal webmaster.

individuals do stand to make money, if you don’t make money, then personal Adsense really will disappear, as long as individuals do stand can make money, then certainly won’t disappear.

union buckle quantity has supposedly been a norm, but in this norm in talent shows itself "Lele advertising alliance" because it is for their own operation "lalaport" form, and no other third party advertisers, so they do not have any deduction amount of motivation. Last time I and the middle class portal "I see nets" webmaster ditch through, he also used Lele advertising alliance long-term monthly customers, it seems credibility beyond doubt.

CPM advertising is actually the most suitable for picture station launch, because the number of users visiting the picture station PV is particularly large, then virtually increase your income. If your day IP is about the same as me, then you can earn at least 80 yuan a day at high prices by clicking advertising. If you can earn 40-60 per month through CPM, 2WIP will pay for CPM without user clicks. And it’s not the dynamic version of "first video", just the picture, which does not affect the user’s access experience.

webmaster conference held in 2010, Xiaoxiang Morning paper senior editor of the IT put forward the question of whether the individual webmaster will die out. I raised my hand at the stage and answered the question.

why don’t you choose the scope of a bit less: for example, you can do a Changsha real estate network, Changsha car network, Changsha recruitment network, Changsha loan net, many small industries, you do like to make money very strong. But this kind of website is also very competitive in Changsha, but it’s always better than you go to a local portal

is willing to all grassroots picture station webmaster, can make great fortune. Earn thousands of dollars per day. This article webmaster original, single hair admin5.

2: do small fire industry station: now do local portal station speculation, in fact the local portal site is not a person you can do it, many people choose to do local portal, is really hard to you.


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