Zhou Hongyi before the accumulation of business is very importantThe only CPS advertisers happylili

because too many enemies, Zhou Hongyi in the Internet circle get both praise and blame. It is said that Zhou Hongyi has been carrying a bodyguard, his 360CS camp is by a professional veteran coach, his 360 special machines, one to the famous "AK47" named firearms.

this year, do many products but can play a gangster, a sledgehammer sleeves crying hard gangster for their product promotion is a WAN, Zhou Hongyi.

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although the "rogue software" earned the first pot of gold, but the end of the 360 security guards rogue software not only washed up Zhou Hongyi, also let Zhou Hongyi find a brilliant life and highlights — depending on the installed capacity of second client software successfully listed among the ranks of the Internet gangster China.

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destroyer and Challenger

companies also invested a lot of companies, the day before, in a speech at Renmin University of China, Zhou Hongyi has said he "has never been a successful person, who is one of the biggest loser".

Zhou Hongyi has worked as an engineer in Peking University, and founded 3721 company after being acquired by YAHOO. He himself also served as YAHOO China CEO. In 3721, Zhou Hongyi developed his to bear the infamy of rogue software industry 3721, there have been many imitators, so that China Internet community once rogue software rampant.

seems to be the most representative of the Chinese Internet industry in the jungle culture of Zhou Hongyi. This war slobber with Lei Jun, but is a spray of Zhou Hongyi’s long career in the "war of words". The peak of his "fight" was the 3Q war of 2010, which shocked the Internet community. That time, 360 of revenue is only one percent of Tencent, a few months later, 360 companies successfully landed in the U.S. capital market, can be described as a classic case of leveraging marketing.

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360 special for the machine has not yet appeared, Zhou Hongyi has been through the micro-blog fiery Zhou Hongyi, targeting the most fashionable millet mobile phone at the domestic mobile phone, again offend have a good reputation and influence in the Internet community of Lei Jun, two people in the micro-blog pinch.

tough past

Zhou Hongyi jokes, renren CEO Chen Yizhou then did something similar to the "rogue software", "he was talking to me, Hung Yi, put me on a horse, my brother said no way, I miss you, I will not let myself, I to his own fame, you will have to sacrifice". Chen Yizhou was a blessing in disguise, broken after posterior, resolutely bought the school network, only today everyone, "he has to thank me." Zhou Hongyi says.

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, antivirus companies have been looking forward to listing, on the gem, when China’s richest man, this dream must have been I pricked." Zhou Hongyi joked.

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