The road to new sites starts with caring for competitors

opponent, forever is an art, if you do at the beginning of the match are unable to see, it should be how to do a website, a New Station Road, from the beginning to take care of "competition", every competitor is a teacher, regardless of this site. Is the United States, ranking is high or bad, you are worth learning about it, this article, starting from such a point, that their competitor analysis well, and get their own opportunities and ideas from them.

first knows all the list of competitors for their website,

when you want to start a business, you might think, I in this industry have many rivals are carved up this market, here, you can find the answer from the search engine directly, perhaps you will say, I only do Baidu ranking, do not concern the Google website of it, in fact whether Baidu or Google, these are the need to grab their own good, because it is both search and the chain is only to dig into every opponent, then get to their resources, is likely to further improve their.

rival, in general, as long as the top-level domain name website is to be collected, I remember the Taobao off weight loss drug list "friend, when he was starting an industry, will make the industry website all sorted out, ranked according to the situation, to sort out their domain name information, domain information outside the chain, the chain tool Baidu information, some elements of SEO PR and so on, these are their need to pay attention to at the beginning of the consolidation of basic skills, after all, even if these are not little analysis to have a preliminary control after the rest of the competition do not know to start where.

secondly, find out the focus of the object, and dig their website features, advantages,

most of the time, we will continue to update the chain, publish content ah, if not the opponent a little analysis, cannot see what place is concerned, we need to find yourself feeling good website (including the ideal ranking website), the object of focus is the careful observation of these sites the advantage, because blasting a website often lies in the mouth of a little of their access to a large number of users, and then continue the diffraction to other areas, which occupy a certain flow, this is a website to do, so, if you carefully analyze your opponent their methods we make a breakthrough, when you collect some, you will get more fully understanding of the industry, after all find then will be more of a breakthrough Thinking.

every site will use a unique way to lay their own user base, for example, see today’s Shanghai river network, with the community in the beginning, then turn the platform, and finally released online courses, which are slowly become their.

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