Talk about my DJ website again twists and turns


08 years in October to more than two months now, the server 650 a month is two months, 100 people do website program please buy 100 template space cheated 500 is 1800 blocks and other small costs around 300. I went online DJ station more than 1000 station server has 70 stations, all other post acquisition others DJ songs, like some good buy even security software,

I also spent 300 bought DJ songs and voice software, others when they play songs welcome to DJ56 please remember our permanent domain name, this is the post also allows people to advertise for us! The two months recently seemed to some flow on IP was about 1300 Baidu, is almost here, in this thank 56 video network because of its brilliant day 56 search this word into the station also has about 500 AD! Only earn 200 dollars, I earn money Shiyue pulse advertising less, I also got two new League one day the best record is 20 yuan, I have no other way station has been done to give up, I only adhere to, to continue their efforts. I hope one day can earn 200 dollars, some online friends right and I have to go to a collection of others, but DJ and other different songs, collecting data is not stable, if the visitors enter the site is found in your songs and post a certain station, you want to be the next time someone else into it "/p>

recently also played some ads in the Tianya forum, a little bit of the effect, I now need to repeat customers, plus repeat publicity,

I do not often write articles, writing is not good, if next time my website has new changes, I will come to tell you, I like to share with brothers and sisters to do the station of sorrow and happiness.

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