Wind the rise of the magic website

red comrade "wind song" I believe many users have read, instant millions of readers, one of the starting point Chinese net pre shake effect on the works of Qian Shu, when my heart is quite profound, get some benefits from nature.

from the Internet a lot of grassroots Adsense Chinese flood started his own website, until this century, many webmaster like pedantic are adhering to the strange spirit and faith, that is, do pure station, do noble station, as a natural growth station, so these three criteria are specific how so many years? Since this has seen a lot of attach importance to technology, the so-called user effect serious and have more bright faith holding their poor webmaster website and looked at themselves together started but have their fall far behind other so-called garbage station Aukwu Jan Viv Di ran to the front, I do not know who in addition to outside a pedantic what road to the success of the walk, not to mention even pure religious circles also have the evil leader of babel.

from ancient times, not a source of food and clothing protection people never talk about what the so-called integrity, not to mention the so-called garbage station can do and integrity with the relationship, and the so-called ", it is because these shouted" junk "is that do not eat grapes are those who are owners of integrity.

what is junk? I think there are two cases, one is the whole class was full of all kinds of vulgar, edge, useless for very low income only attract netizens’eyeball obscene information website, which we call pure garbage station, while the "integrity" of stationmaster mouth the station is precisely second, those who use some informal non natural means for short-term traffic and popularity soaring sites, such sites are generally very thick economic or technical support, so in order to become the upstart website, the webmaster can not see entirely by natural integrity means and their opposite an easy job to do to earn generous profit site, nature also produced a curse.

I can not do what master, just to solve the problem of existence of their own, in addition, no he begged, and a few years ago have contacted the Ministry of energy-saving, very natural, novel ideas and their past experience together, so in the past few years have been looking for a variety of ways to quickly improve website traffic and revenue, and ultimately more blessed, through continuous learning, finally found the method, for once, basically every day can make the website traffic stable increase 30ip, and the increment is still constantly increased, although many of the senior master this number, just like clouds in the sky is not worth mentioning, but I still have the confidence that the Internet will be able to make every day does not flow naturally increase the stability of individual stationmaster afraid There is not much in china.

finally and just began to do the webmaster said that as long as there is no kind of ridiculous poor site integrity, coupled with the flexible belt a little evil mind, we.

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