Case sharing news source web site was black how to deal with


news source website is black, how to deal with


1, settled security alliance webmaster platform:, open security warning, the site appears abnormal, will be the first time warning. Because this platform and Baidu belong to cooperation, Baidu search results out of the black tips are basically provided by this platform, so security alert is more timely and effective (free platform).


2, if a period of time by hackers, can use cloud protection tools temporarily, which is Baidu cloud acceleration, using the free version can, in terms of security, Baidu cloud acceleration can also include more than 10 kinds of hacker protection SQL injection, XSS, Web, application server Vulnerability vulnerability and file access control problems such as Flood, UDP and SYN attack Flood, ICMP Flood, TCP Flood, including a variety of CC DDoS attack. But the site is limited to the peak of the black, because the free use is not very convenient, IP will always change, and if the conditions permit, I recommend the use of toll plates.

3, the website system handling patches, now many news sites use the source system are the basic content management system (CMS), as a news release system, can function fairly, but as a common content management system (CMS), there is another problem, it is more popular loophole, because the source code is open, so it is easy to be out of holes, so I give advice here:


(1) landing server needs to be fixed ip.

(2) set the permissions on the server outside the office hours, prohibiting file changes, hiding or migrating the background files to the root directory.

(3), or you can refer to other web settings, a non – qualified IP cannot be written to the database.

4, the news source website was hacked two results, the first is in the Baidu search tips are red and black, second will be included on the source of the news as punishment, punishment to suspend from suspended included news sources ranging from.

(1) how to solve the red tip Baidu search results, through the security alliance "application closed" functions are closed, steps are as follows:

A. confirmed that after the black content has been deleted, security alliance station platform security testing.

B. security detection and prompt. Scores can also be 60-100, and have not been black page content, can go to the security alliance for releasing the home page click on the button,>

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