The path of a dentist’s part time stationmaster from arrogant confidence to clear knowledge of hims


had to write this article, but has not got under the hand, today to write! I enter the Internet industry has been half a year, the first half of this year during the start from zero to now, has accumulated some experience, here I share my experience to the big house, especially the novice friends they hope you see my experience after a bit of inspiration.

access to the Internet industry:

himself is not IT industry background, before entering the Internet industry to learn the dental profession, of course, is now engaged in dental work. I used to work in the hospital, and the income was good. The monthly income of the tens of thousands of people was very comfortable. A major change in a year ago (mainly for family reasons, independent of network experience and not to say) that I resigned from the work of the hospital, opened a small clinic now, a month income and hospital workers almost, but the hospital than tired, because did not earn much, unable to recruit people to share work. Later, I think I should do something, on the Internet to see Taobao customers can make money, so six months ago I began to join the ranks of the Internet industry inside.

part-time webmaster Road:

started by watching videos, learning to build a Taobao site, and then joining a cheap SEO class, so I became a station owner and promoted fitness equipment. A look so perfect, I think you have no foundation nor talent, can only work, find themselves in love, a month off site I have Taobao keyword ranking on Baidu home page, the word "ups fitness equipment", this word was "fitness equipment" also a brief on the front page. I think everything is so smooth, with the ranking is tantamount to someone to click, and even my way to make money began. It turned out that this was not the case. In another month, the Commission was only a few dozen miserable.

with the continuous learning, I only know this fitness equipment website I do is a garbage station, and to have been powerless! Sooner or later will be K, because a lot of junk content does not keep users out at the rate of 90% every day. But as a zero foundation, I learned some basics of SEO, knowing basic optimizations. Want to know, my first Taobao guest website friends can go to my blog to see, now this station has been I gave up.

from arrogant confidence to clear understanding of himself:

novice a month to key words do Baidu home page, not realistic blow, I really think he is great. When I turned around, I found that the students who took part in the low price study class had already given up, and I realized that it was really not so simple to do a website and do seo. But I am not convinced, I chose to stick, so I start my study road. Later, I chose to do a local seo blog, that is, this blog (late Feng seo blog), the reason is that one’s own SEO basic learning is OK, I hope to write some articles

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