Webmaster summary local station operation has material is the key

do local website also has a period of time, the overall feeling is to promote, to pay attention to skills, means to be specific. Although the beginning of many difficulties encountered, but need to identify the reasons for each one, the right remedy, and today I share with you the idea of doing local stations, we hope to help.

local website has its own distinctive features, including the amount of information more widely, and more and more, in addition to the local target users, and therefore can not be in the promotion of staring at the target keywords, but to find a breakthrough point, let everyone know there is such a website for you, so as to promote the development of other aspects of the site. My train of thought is to tap the local new things, so that everyone’s eyes are concentrated, and then drive other aspects. From several aspects below and we discuss how to do.

channel: portal portal station channel is a good way to get news, for example, you can open Sina, it will be based on your IP address in your province automatically match the latest hot spot and news, so we can put these news and hot processing, the best reasonable illustration, placed in us on the site. The portal site news although there are a large number of users, but it does not mean your local users see all these hot, if you can find a large amount of the latest information, then a quick step, slowly will have a loyal local users to obtain information.

on TV: now a lot of people, especially young people love the Internet, has been slowly from the television life into the network life, we need a website content to attract users, while the local TV is the best one of the materials, but here is the skill, it is best not to process news, which need to be processed hot events, such as our local TV news of people’s livelihood of the Taiwan Affairs Office should be the focus of our attention, because these things and users are related, so that they can cause the discussion, we are most concerned about is the side of things, so I practice that others do not watch TV I see, others not concerned about people’s livelihood to me pay attention to.

mining newspapers: newspapers are now far less than their previous circulation, and with the development of the Internet, the release of many newspapers will be affected. But there are still a lot of things in the newspaper that are worth digging for, not just news. There are also some sections and content that users like. They are worth our learning. In addition, local newspapers have accumulated a lot of local news releases, and their selection is what we should learn. Some newspaper coverage is wide, but I always will be the depth of excavation and processing on the part of the local, because I always feel that since it is a local station, then it should be all in place hot news, strive for the maximum amount of information of the whole. Time and energy are clearly inadequate if you want to keep an eye on external news.

user release: in addition to the above mentioned, there is also the opportunity to integrate into the forum and provide free communication for users

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