What time do you sleep tonight stationmaster

actually very early very early wanted to write something. Primary school to junior high school Chinese achievement is still ideal, dancing words, also play on. Coupled with the industry planning industry,


it’s four in the morning, and my wife is asleep. I sneak up and turn on my computer, next to a fan, hula, and hula. Direct drive cat online, into the ADMIN5 webmaster nets, below about my webmaster sad journey,


I never admit that I am inferior to others and stupid than others. I was born in a township cadre family. Boy, don’t ride a bike ride directly to build my dad’s motorcycle (60 feet to reach the ground), primary school did not graduate study and the next door neighbor TV and electrical maintenance (including motor maintenance) in junior high school…

4 years ago, maybe I wasn’t able to pull my own title with the station master. I was studying computer for third years at school, and I was thinking about how to find a stable job.

soon graduated, and went into the big factory and started working as a clerk for 800 yuan. Although very regular. Go to work, work, eat, sleep. But within a few months I had assembled a computer myself. You know, this is the biggest money I’ve ever spent on such a big flower. I didn’t tell my parents.. Rented his own room, began to devote great efforts to study..


school taught us a lot of basic stuff, but really felt out of touch with some of the actual computer applications in society… I learned graphic design myself, and also bought books on website construction.. In my impression, I was fascinated by the Internet at that time.. The first construction site is the class network.. Ha-ha。。 When the computer or the bare metal (not online), so the network can be said to be a bit do not understand.. Only send mail, play QQ games. But I’m studying computers. How can I,


to the website construction book, the website construction is good. Can not bite the teeth, bought a patriot 128M mobile U disk, brought to the Internet bar pass, space is even more ridiculous. Use 20M free space for student network.. Alas.. Now than now is really pale into insignificance by comparison.. Pass through for the first time. Enter the four domain name URL, completely fainted.. On your computer is the symmetry of the home page, many pictures together get beyond recognition! This is the first site of my


3 years ago, I was busy switching jobs. Jump to Dongguan online (now the boss is out of business) to be a business consultant (a nice name, actually a business person). Jump to jump to the Xiamen EHOO network, Xiamen 35 Internet (i.e. China channel), jump in the power. During the period also do a business, have also done design. But it’s a simple job.. But to tell the truth. I really don’t know how I did it at that time. My work was unstable and my income was low. But the only thing that goes with me is the computer. I don’t know how many days and nights I had stayed at that time.

In fact,

people have to live on, if not now XuSanDuo life creed: "alive" and "to do"

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