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I am a native born rural, 90, junior high school graduation, rarely contact the computer, perhaps because of this, the computer makes me feel mysterious, let me have great interest. High school did not finish the choice of computer skills.



toss about for a few years, I walked a lot of detours, but also missed a lot of opportunities. I love the industry programming, good treatment, with the gradually thorough, only to find the logical thinking and mathematical thinking strong is my biggest upset and weakness, maybe I’m not trying hard enough, finally gave up the industry. I am not willing to work for others, 09 years a proxy IDC service provider, and established his own studio, the start of the space service providers and membership blog website, although not earn much but after all is to do it yourself, have been burning passion. Good times don’t last long, the plan changes, the Ministry issued the record by micro-blog and the rise of the policy shock, only lasted for half a year, began to gradually decline.


the next two years is playing casual workers, another two years have dizzy spells. At the end of the back home, see friends get married, buy a house, especially the out of their full pay New Year’s call ride, and many peers have a car on its own, a mix of respected living style. And I’m still red beans mung bean niannianhong sub annual green, cause no improvement. Feel like a offbeat sit together to chat about, let them envy, jealousy, inferiority, silence. The occasion is the sort of mood I never forget, I swear I won’t work for others, I don’t have it in around one family life together from many, this also let me confused for a while, do not know what to do.


as a warning for the future, decided to go over the years, my friends and I went to Guangzhou, to start a women’s wholesale Alibaba. My friend had been in Guangzhou for a few years, and although he didn’t know much about clothes, he was quite familiar with the area. I’ve never been in touch with E – commerce, and most of all online shopping. At that time, Taobao and Alibaba on the issue, we have had tangled and disputes. Friends want to do Taobao, I insist on doing Ali, the facts proved that my choice is right. Now think about, in fact, not necessarily, who is wrong, do Taobao do Ali, must adhere to the same.

starts touching

finally decided to do Alibaba, learning a few days Ali shop in the vicinity of Zhongshan University, rented a house, not to 30 ordinary residents of housing, public transportation to squeeze nearly an hour every day to go to Shahe to take the goods market. At the beginning of even the most basic terms are not, even the existence of language barriers to communication and some stalls boss, words and actions are dressed as veteran, at the crucial moment I even have stage fright, bitter is the clothing style fabric.

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