101 indicators of a perfect website The third part Ease of use

perfect content is used, no matter how wonderful your content, if they are difficult to access, users will still leave, usability involves not only technology, more of a good Web creation habit, easy to use contains 34 rules, they are:

uses only mature, simple, and compatible technologies,

Web technology has been in development since the original Http protocol just to show simple hypertext, when people give more and more of Web’s mission, the limitations of Web will appear, in order to solve these problems, people added a lot of new technology to enhance the performance of Web, on Web Cookie, Javscript DHTML, ActiveX, Applet, CSS, until now the hot AJAX technology, however, these new technologies quickly led to compatibility problems, because Web content to rely on different browsers and browser, with different security settings, leading to the new technology and cannot be duly rendered, for example, a lot of mature operation in IE ActiveX can not be used in the non core IE browser, Web browser and with many users of these new technologies have chosen Slowly, we got a list that everyone would approve of, and now the Web add-on technology, which is supported by the big browsers and the user is happy with, is:

, Cookie, Javascript, CSS

if you want your business website in most environments are barrier free access, please use caution in addition to the technology, here we need to talk about the particular AJAX and Flash, they have also been recognized by many people, but in fact AJAX is based on Javascript, however, at the same time to be used in some AJAX browser security configuration is easy to disable the XMLHTTPRequest object, in fact, the security configuration of my IE browser will disable XMLHTTPRequest, so unless added to the trusted sites, otherwise I can smoothly access even Google Map. Flash is a great technology, online advertising is almost its most perfect mission, as the rules of usability, we do not exclude the ads on Flash, but the Flash must not be used in the site navigation and other infrastructure sites.

does not use any web effects

Although the

web page does not necessarily involve the technology is not compatible, but web effects is very boring for most people, the enterprise website should never use those just for fun "effects, unless you live in 90s (now is 2007), or if you are only 14 years old. The most boring Page >

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