How do create a daily P eighty thousand traffic site with a single page

the past was mentioned again, leaving more or less regret. Wave no trace in the A5 also mixed for a long time, has not come up with real guys to see. Of course, someone will say, "brother Lang, your soft language is not soft enough, what you write is not exciting," and so on. When friends heard about this, I have to laugh it off. Yes, I can get out of the thing is indeed not much, can help everyone, can only play text, written not soft text of the soft text.

then again, I’m a low profile person who doesn’t want to be human flesh and doesn’t want to be checked out. IP has been imitated. Maybe after writing, I’ll be cursed by more low-key N people. Smart webmaster, in the next is just writing experience, it is not the past I, so we don’t waste time to search my information. If someone asks, why? I can only answer, now I am empty handed.

all right, cut the crap and get to the point. In fact, to create a single page by using pure search visits a day over a million websites easily! (I only spent five minutes!!!), but there is a premise, the premise is whether you can expect this keyword will be hot, how to search engine (single page website does not need to be optimized, do not need SEO and even Links are not to do).

feels wonderful? Is not that a bit of nonsense? As a small example, I love to read novels, we are familiar with the dragon? You can go to Baidu search index or look at every day, now about 190 thousand to about 200 thousand. It is because I like to read novels, only to find that this keyword at that time is very cold, is expected to be hot, so an inspiration and executive ability, it will be 5 minutes of effort, a single page web site came out.

single page web site out, we should do what? Some people say to sell links, to stick it, go to Baidu know, go to Baidu encyclopedia. At that time I know the fire, and also rare to submit, so that the domain name has been hung up, so after a month.

I remember very clearly that

, the morning when maintaining the other sites found very slowly, I still think it is not my network problems or the server problems, even the distance is very slow, with the mood of last login on the remote server, check and monitor network links, this is not any dragon. Once opened 51, statistics, the number of online has been 1000 to 1300 people. 10MB bandwidth a day, I hardly ever go in a couple of times.

so don’t make those single page websites, and how many traffic people seem to be gods or stars. In fact, when keywords are unpopular, the website is not the weight of the points (note, must be top-level domain name!)

in addition to emphasize that, some full-time webmaster not to the server’s website through the line of mutual links, don’t collect website data.

you so much, don’t laugh at me to see expert novice webmaster, do not see what ah..


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