How to operate a website in order to really understand the TA we must first become TA

in my opinion, the operation and marketing of the website is a science, and it takes a lot of time to understand and study. Operation is the body, marketing is the clothing. Mental outlook, physical quality can not, wear good clothes are useless, of course, if the naked buttocks to the streets, it is absolutely not drop.

Although the

website has seen many of the website promotion but for the novice, wise remark of an experienced person, always feel a bit powerless, implement, especially for a zero based novice. So, I think, for beginners, in order to properly promote their website, you must first know how to operate a web site, just like my title said, in order to really understand TA, we must first become TA.

for a novice, it’s a long way to go if you want to really run a web site. In the early days, I always fell in love with a wild horse, but there was no sense of helplessness in my family. But who let me fall in love with a wild horse, so only one tree, bit by bit to create a piece of grassland.


is a novice, I was browsing through some previous sites, such as the owners of the house, thinking, open source Chinese, browse some articles in the above, let oneself have the awareness to understand the content of the site operators. And go to some webmaster information class website, see some webmaster friends of the post, see how they run a website, little by little accumulated experience about website operation.

of course, in the operation of the site, there will be a kind of "beyond the hills, only to find no one waiting" sad feeling. Sometimes, the experience of some webmaster, but when used in their own website, but did not get good results. This time there will be a sense of frustration, should be adjusted in time, because some methods may not apply to all sites, according to their own characteristics of the site operations.


, on the basis of Web site operation, and then through the use of some website promotion methods, such as the following.

1, the use of micro-blog, blog

uses micro-blog’s blog reviews to promote it. Usual browsing some other blog comments, micro-blog, micro-blog and other more in the blog content, in micro-blog, blog comments, reply some more valuable comments, recognized by others, so that other people will have the idea to focus on his blog. Pay more attention to web sites related to micro-blog and blogs.

2, using Baidu know. In Baidu know, register an account, use product name, product naming. Baidu know the answer to other people’s questions, select some key words, in answer to questions, especially to stand in the questioner’s point of view, combined with their own experience, seriously answer the question. After answering questions, there are reference materials, you can add Web site address, so that you can improve the flow of the site.

3, use Baidu stick. When setting up your forum post, sign the domain name and product of your website as signature

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