Why is website content management so important What professional skills are needed


content management has been a less understood and often overlooked area of business decision making in most organizations, and there are many inconsistencies in specific implementation. To overcome the "inconsistent" content transmission, giving the audience a unified tone, facing many challenges. Here, I’d like to briefly discuss the major issues facing content management.

what is content management?

content management is actually a series of processes and techniques that support any form of information gathering, management, and publishing. Content management interacts with all aspects of the project, such as interface, interaction, and technology, and the content of the output must be consistent with the context and consistent with the expectations of the audience. After the project on the line, content management also regularly content maintenance, to ensure accurate content.

many people take it for granted that the job of a content administrator (Content Mangers) is to simply check spelling and syntax errors. But this is a big misunderstanding. Such a myopic idea has led to widespread problems in content management as a whole, including:

projects do not take content into account when planning


content manager himself lacks understanding of the role that he should play

When the

project is being carried out, the content administrator is not included in the project participant

believes that content management requires only one or two people for this kind of work, no matter how large the company is,

insists that all content administrators should come from journalism or creative writing,

in fact, to have effective, consistent and successful communication with audiences, a content management team needs to have a variety of professional skills, including:

content strategy personnel


technology manager,

these professionals should also have relevant professional experience in many fields, which may not be directly related to the present position, such as:

project management


design (Photoshop, interaction, composition)

development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

business analytics

SEO drainage

why is it important for an experienced content management team,


a mature content management team should walk with all departments to participate in every aspect of the project, whether it’s big or small. Content >

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