Teach you a method to add link bits in QQ space

to see many QQ users can set the space Links, and want to set up a Links position in QQ space inside her, and spent a long time effort, finally understand setting method of the QQ space Links, here are some steps I set the QQ space Links:

QQ, a log space, click on the right side of the "custom", and then open the "module" option, click the "new module" button;

two, select the "graphic module", the module name to fill in the "links", and then save;

three, this QQ space page you appear a "Links" module, you can easily double pull the entire display module and position module right foot pointed to jump the size of the display module, the module frame can be arranged on the right side of the module click "Settings" icon, click "the module frame set;

four, when adding links, click the settings on the right side of the "small" icon, in the picture text 1, as required, add pictures, addresses, titles, links, and descriptions, click OK to save;

five, click "add a graphic item", you can add more links.

below is my QQ space, "the home of the Internet notebook" after the preservation of the link effect, the link is the site of my personal independent blog site:


original text, reprinted please hyperlinks, annotated: from wslearner.com Author: dusty

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