Website operation experience Optimization in one year and three months

since last year’s training, the working hours have been added up to one year and three months. Network operations (Network Marketing), search engine optimization, new media bidding, dedecms station, Taobao shop, simple decoration, optimization and promotion.

remember when there were two days’ lessons each week, and every half day, all the students who had just graduated were very kind. There’s so much to learn.

every day at seven a.m. in the morning wash, clean up after the back of my big computer (class necessary) fifteen minutes, talk about what is necessary, hardware: computer, U disk (at least one cloud, unreliable, no network is virtual, anxious). Book and pen. Software: you are ready to do the study, in the operation of the site on the road to do a good job.


feeling: I feel a lot of learning is, and good or bad, the key words are not good, (Master heard this sentence will understand, ha ha) to be serious. Nothing else for myself.

tell me all that time I learned what to tell you, Photoshop, flash, Dreamweaver, dedecms website, website optimization, Baidu bid, Taobao operators (did not speak, did not hear graduated) okay self-study, he opened a shop called Taobao, what is not to mention, the amount of advertising, because has not opened yet. (not sold, sold one, a beautiful woman, a shot, I can not stingy, half price.


main purpose begins: website optimization, my work, see the friends here are true love. Can not live up to everyone.

order; 1. web site +dedecms 2. content 3. external content 4. friendship 5. reputation

1. domain (good) + space server (stable) to understand their industry (you in line, hobbies, their own professional can) the product name of goods and services (such as: I film or carpet is spread some knowledge of


Title Keyword description (TDK), which are very thin, very related to some things, seriously learned, step by step, remember, fat is not a day to eat out. Title Keyword description. (without websites using blogs, it doesn’t seem very professional.


2. has its own web site. Start optimizing and writing articles. Original or pseudo original (new best, best to original, that is, write your own content. Pseudo original) what is it? Is from other sites reproduced down, change the content must be changed is the head section and the rear section, the best of his writing, high correlation, ranking can be better.

3. external chain, content (commonly known as: large inner chain, the station on the chain. We >

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