Site to persevere not to three days fishing two days drying nets

Hello, nice to meet in stationmaster net year, second times published an article about my heart! I declare: This article represents only my personal opinions and suggestions, is complaining, science and technology is not necessary to look down, ha ha. Write well, welcome Paizhuan! Show

, thank you!

has really come on the road station a year now, remember the real love of the site is about 07 years, inadvertently found the code of this thing, then you don’t know how on the Internet to see "network space", have some fun code, learn their play, really love it! You don’t have a computer because every day before, global Internet cafe lane, do not know how much time I can use some form! Set between ", has been the use of free space to play, chat


08 years I suddenly want to own their own to create a top-level web site independent, spent hundreds of pieces of asking people to do a non mainstream station, specific details I will not say more, wasting your time, then slowly found to do a really belong to your own website, I like in that agent to do not a bite out! Two websites all lost, and lost nearly 800 yuan! Here to remind you: if you really want to do a formal, long time development of the station. Please do not put money into space, to select some of the more honest, bigger IDC, the price of small space the agent is cheap, but the quality and moral quality can not be guaranteed, special domain name should choose the larger domain name business, must be able to roll out free, you can select a new domain name, name, etc. (several of these nets! I keenly aware of. All the good ones are lost, unfortunately.

later built by UCH+DZ 90 SNS community, after two months, IP also has more than 1000, that kind of happy, happy is better than winning it, which I believe most of the webmaster and I like it, but I did not insist, the 3 time the site sold, feel should insist on doing the type of station sold after the development. Yes, and set up a 90 SNS community, probably spent less than 3 months time, a lot of keywords are ranked home. Later, the idea came again, see you discuss industry, local station comparison fire, do local station. Then 1800 yuan to sell the site, built a local station! Oh, you see I have been grumbling, no experience to learn what? I want to ask yourself what to locate users and industry website website to remind you before now, don’t do more, do one, can I do fine! Now what did not earn money on the site, can only be used to evaluate the failure. Cause now I summarize my failure, I hope everyone can learn a lesson from this


1. thought too much, the idea came today, do this station, tomorrow idea came, and change!


2., three days fishing, two days of drying nets, did not manage the site well, the content of the site is too small, there is no real information to attract users!


3. site is not located >

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