Stationmaster only has dedicated ability breaks through the strange circle that the website does no

Hello everyone, I am handsome with the wind, this is my website, welcome friends everywhere to go to the nuggets.

many novice webmaster are asking why my website does not make money? I completely in accordance with other people’s video method to do, build website, put advertising code, promotion, seems to have no reason to earn money. Flow, it is indeed a key with the flow, do not make money are not good, you say you IP3000 on the website, put some pop code can also earn some money, but your site to ensure that one day 3000IP? 1000Ip you have protection on oK. Are novice webmaster, the site traffic can not exceed 1000 in a short time. So, for us, choose a road that belongs to you, that’s the top priority.

you are not every day is still a variety of forums about, look at the people that make money, look at that man said that money, and each individual method, you need to do is to absorb the essence of them, then don’t be confused by his mother, to think, to others is to make money. Can take out to share with you. Do not see this project to earn money to do this, and that project to make money and go to that, you can do so only empty handed consequences.

it’s not difficult to find a good project. The key depends on how much you focus on the project. You can’t do it for two days. It can only be a waste of time. So, stationmaster wants to pay attention, ability makes money, this is the standard that a stationmaster should do first. Today, a lot of money making projects, below I will give you a list of several, more projects and tutorials, please go to the campus network every day to find money column.

1. ad alliance

this is a road station to go long, build a website, find some advertising, add the code, so OK, is actually very simple, but this is a kind of web traffic to make money in the bottleneck, and don’t try to cheat, this is only playing with fire.

2. Taobao

now do not know, Taobao guest webmaster estimates not much, Taobao guest how? Very yellow, very violent, looking for quasi promotion of good method, a month to earn thousands of dollars is very easy thing.

3. Witkey

what is Witkey? I’ll give you the problem. You give me the money. This has some technology for the webmaster is best, to help people solve some problems, can get good income,

4. online shop

now in Taobao and other trading platform to set up shop has been very normal, my family is a sale of goods, I opened a shop online to sell things, increase revenue, why not?

5. game promoter

now, who has no computer, young people who do not play the impulse of the game, playing the game, of course, cattle B, so buy cards, buy equipment, this is also a normal thing, do a.

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