Since the media WeChat public number how to do 1 thousand people’s attention 8 thousand forwarding


this is today’s data report yesterday, double 11 topics, the content is not what, dropped badly,


, this is the data as of November, the data that has been wandering around this area can not break through, depressed say


this is concerned about the proportion of users, 7.62% is part of WeChat users did not set their gender


older, more young cynic readers love comparison, these two contents had a good response to


this is my collection from my friend’s circle, and my friend’s permission has made a good response.


this is my direct interview with WeChat friends, but I am not a reporter without the right to interview, I dare not continue


double 11, special topic


WeChat’s circle of friends, viral marketing,

interviewed WeChat for his work as a Zhanjiang elder brother in Cameroon, Africa. A fresh attempt!


hope can give Zhanjiang Deputy concerned readers have a whole new experience, so that we truly know and understand the local customs and practices in Africa, we Zhanjiang people go abroad to play


we need to Zhanjiang under the original article, need fresh blood, the need for high quality


has been copying other people’s content, has been releasing so-called chicken soup, so-called positive energy!


, this is what I understand. Often the person in charge of the enterprise will think, "can you get the best effect without spending money?" I want to say yes, you’ll have to spend time, spend your money and do it again,


micro marketing, mobile marketing is no longer simply burn money, let users to promote it, share, transform, deal, cash realized, so simple, we can do it!


so talk about how WeChat public platform out of homogenization, pattern of strange circles?.

content decides everything. The user decides everything. It’s not false at all.

predecessors said N kinds of operation methods, promotion methods are not enumerated, and now on the content to talk about their feelings.

circle of friends to share, if your friends share the original log, the content of good quality, you can leave for each other

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