Sweat and brain for web site not included income four digits

didn’t come to A5 for a long time. Many webmaster friends asked me what I was busy with on QQ. In fact, I also want to come ah, A5 is a good place to learn, has always insisted on frequent, recently really busy, and for a long time did not report. In order to apologize, I will report my work for this period of time and share the experience.

in fact, this time in doing a new station, a writing paper site, this line of competition is very fierce, and already is the price of cabbage, and not what people can do. But I and my good partner "fish out of water", literally in this bridge blaze a trail. The two of us on the site has not been Baidu, Google search engine included in any case, make a pot of gold, the site is small, only 1800 dollars, but compared to those sites rich in content, high PR webmaster, we beat the.

well, how do we do the site is not included and share, earnings of four digit ".

1, website profit mode positioning, in fact, do this site thinking for a long time, and slowly formed a long-term strategic thinking, but also with specific implementation strategies. So here a little nagging, many of our new webmaster to many old webmaster learning, must make sure the site positioning, want to good profit model, because "China is the most no shortage of garbage station."". For example, our station, my plan is to take two steps, the first step to do professional translation services, the service fees; second, slowly rich web content, gradually become a public intermediary platform, our own write service take a back seat, instead of the intermediary fees and advertising GG.

2, name, election space, production, original update…… That’s a cliche. I don’t want to say any more.

3, the promotion! This is the most critical, it is also because of the sword easy road, we do the site is not included, four digit revenue". The general promotion methods we are doing, we also change links, post, can do all, but the effect is very poor. Later we two together with the traditional method, consult everybody with certainly does not work, so we came up with two tricks.

first recruit: website married rub. At the gate of the higher education park, we selected 20 rounds of wheels, and each car attached a very thin red note, which said, "please write on www.51daixie.cn."". Then a car gave them 5 dollars a month. The price was reasonable, as I had known before, their bodies were all decorated with some medical advertisements, and only 25 months. I only put a note to them and gave them 5 pieces, and they readily consented.

second recruit: QQ good big bang. We have a key to select a number of students QQ group, plus after, in each person’s "QQ" good impression also written on the above sentence (to avoid AD suspect, not write). There’s one more episode, too

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