s traffic really important to a website

?? some time ago, a friend bought what keywords do several specialized search engines make pure keyword station for two weeks ALEXA rankings to 5000, all rely on search engines, he is very happy, tell me now 1000IP 4 yuan, has been able to earn several hundred dollars a day to ensure. Friends seem to have caught their own straws.. Friends say that as long as there is traffic, you can earn money, depending on how you earn.

I also do stand ssxnr.com, but also concerned about traffic, but also concerned about the ALEXA, but also concerned about PR…

but I can’t accept my friend’s point of view.

friends say many people do that now.

so, I went to several well-known search engines, random access to a few hot keywords search, search results list, really surprised me.. Because friends said, all the key words, there is no actual content, but the jump is cheating pages,


search for "little woman" this popular and obscure words in Baidu search list, ranked in the first page of the connection. Only one is true. The original website, search engine can do civil bidding..

friend said, because the search for "little woman" people must point to this station, according to his estimation, visit a lot every day.

friends say SEO[search engine optimization] the economy has been developing for many years, pull ~

I’m thinking, what’s the fairness of an objective search engine in this environment,


friends said, search engine sites regularly seal up cheating pages, but was sealed, as long as the domain name can also continue to do so, you can still help others to mention traffic, make money

traffic is very important. For every webmaster / company doing this, this is an axiom.

but the traffic is always gives people the feeling is unclean.. After all, it’s over his will, "says friends." there are also a lot of big companies doing that. What about the top 100 in the ALEXA world?

Is the traffic on sites like



traffic objectively shows the popularity and popularity of a web site. So we want to have a high traffic to illustrate that our website is successful. Yes, if we are not under the guidance of the flow of self correction, but blindly one-sided pursuit of high flow useful? What will be the result? May just deceive themselves.

friends said, "even so, my business is still good.". Every day there is a lot to buy traffic.

do personal webmaster, first of all don’t locate too high, do a web site, first of all, live is enough. The important thing is to learn more.

dreams of earning thousands of dollars a month. Ah, OK, this is one year

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