Beijing do need their loyal users forum


In the last

A5 wrote a story about an article I Beijing forum how to do, a lot of friends and my QQ friends ask me, honestly, you don’t ask, we communicate with each other, learn from each other, in fact, everyone said that the Forum on how to do will be promising. Here, let me tell you something about my experience,

In fact,

forum and other sites are not the same, the most important forum is a registered member, here comes to the user, it is in the base of Internet traffic to decide who is the boss of the times, I personally think that the user is the survival of the forum, the forum to do so in a direction you want, let your users think you can stay in the forum to get what he wanted, and that this forum is their one is consistent. As everyone knows, segments of the Internet is inevitable, a branch of the Internet, the details of it will have the light of day, which is why many webmaster do in place of the forum, and I want to do is Beijing forum, Beijing group is too large, but Beijing community is blank, perhaps you will said, Beijing local forum is not a few famous, but I want to say is that most people are not easy to drift, drift, I want to do is to provide a platform for the Internet for them, perhaps through the platform to find the Internet information they want.

During the period of

also have a lot of friends ask me, your profit point in the Beijing forum, a forum sooner or later there will be no profit off of the day, this is actually one of my headaches, in addition to the current poor advertising alliance, no other income, now at a friend’s suggestion, do Jingdong and where customers shopping for rebate and virtual goods guarantee things, also can maintain the cost, these are far not solve an utterly inadequate measure, the forum to make ends meet, but I want to say is, the difficulty is temporary, the forum I have the value of existence, he has the possibility of development.

well, I talk about is how to do the forum, I do BBS is actually very simple, is to grasp the user, what my forum user needs, I will in my forum set up what, meet their needs, I pre established several Beijing joined several QQ group, QQ group, and good relations with other the administrator, he recommended me to the forum, because there is often drift QQ group activities, I was in the forum there are functions of development activities, but when they held the activities I will give detailed information activities to come to my community, leaving the group manager contact, top down then, the connection on the QQ group, so we do not think that I was issued a notice in the course of contacts, because I added a lot of Beijing QQ group, but also know a lot of people put him in Beijing. Activities are the photos sent to the forum, this forum to attract users registered QQ group, they often attract to look at the forum, I build the QQ group, I set up several administrators, let go of their own development, I retreated behind the scenes of their own management, now with a lot of QQ>

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