Baidu promotion drop down word

look at the time in the webmaster online today, found a word: "the word down", for every day in the use of Baidu search data of the kids, you know when you search a word when the drop-down word is? For example, when you enter the "job" in the search in the bar, there will be a lot of Baidu word down, such as "looking for work on the future" and "job site" and "job forum" and the like, you know it is hidden inside a Baidu promotion — down the word


relative to the Baidu auction, the drop word is more popular with the average person, because the cost of the drop word relative to Baidu bid is much lower, and the effect is relatively long. Here’s a list of the benefits of dropdown:

1, more directed toward promoting brands;

2, more competitive than brand confidence;

3, lower bidding cost than Baidu;

4, a wide range of communication, more durable.

, however, the user should pay attention to the selection of the drop – down when setting up the drop – down word. The main keywords in Baidu included a high number (one hundred million and above), Baidu index of more than ten thousand words of care and do not fit down the word, the word heat is too high, even if you do, you can not play the desired effect.

so how do you analyze the drop-down words? Give you the answer right away:

1, the newly created keyword, as far as possible within the scope of 9 Chinese characters;

2, avoid bidding ranking;

3, when choosing, as far as possible to "industry word" plus "brand" words".

above is me, a SEO rookie today’s harvest. Again before, I always think of a word search will automatically appear many word down is normal in the Baidu search box, not what can compete and take a chance today to the interests of the enterprise, to understand, originally, in Baidu, what does not behoove.

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