Brief discussion on the development of Ji’an site navigation network

now do site navigation station already did not have what advantage, unless you have a lot of money like 265 propaganda; or like the 114la and operating system bundled together. Earlier in the day with friends to chat on the Internet of things in QQ, I feel very happy, very excited.

The ultimate goal of

‘s website is to make money, but it doesn’t rule out some fans and non profitable people. Navigation is the only way for grass roots to do local or professional navigation. Well, 123 is just a legend, the reality is not the emergence of such a network of miracles.

founded the Ji’an web site Daquan, from 08 years ago, so far more than two years; there are some experiences we can refer to. Ji’an is a regional city, but the Internet is in its infancy, so I chose to create Ji’an’s Web site navigation. It took nearly a month to collect more than 90% of the websites in Ji’an, and made a copy of the "265" style, which started on the line.

for the promotion, site navigation is elaborative, now the network search promotion, a lot of ways, that is suitable for their own? Slowly after screening, I have summarized several methods for:

QQ, a group of Internet: a lot of people on the QQ, so when it added a lot of QQ group. Because I do the regional, so only in Ji’an, other areas are not publicity. But this method is not so good.

two, post bar propaganda: at that time, Baidu post bar and know is the best place to advertise, the fastest flow, but also the most effective.

three, forum publicity: I have not registered a forum in Ji’an, a user, everywhere top, and sometimes deleted a lot.

four, mail publicity: there are such software online, collected mass mail

the above methods are all I used before, but since the second half of last year is not how to use, because the following will be mentioned. But for the novice or some purpose, but to illustrate a point, or to not overdo sth. will be counterproductive.

five, QQ expression: in the QQ expression with their own web site, do not need to be too obvious, as long as you can see. Put some common funny, will pass ten, ten pass 100.

six, outdoor ads: this one is also effective, but for most novice grassroots may some pressure, can put an advertisement in the Internet and post node signs, below with your web site; if the Internet home page to your home page is better, I have a few Internet cafes set home now however, for the entire area is almost not worth mentioning.

seven, this is the means of publicity, used the GHOST system all know, each page is loaded, are others, so I think this way, I modified the existing system disk is a BAT file in the GHO file, and you can, after this CD-ROM installed >

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