Hospital website operations four details need special attention

I had been engaged in SEO optimization and promotion work for two years, made the optimization and promotion of the industry site, including chemical industry, life service, wedding industry, medical websites and other industries, and gained some new optimization plan and promotion plan! The passage of time, he moved to Yinchuan, experienced a a memorable job process, in this process, small hospital received a lot of calls, are the need for web site optimization and promotion of the interview, several small, have this feeling: 1, many are doing Baidu bid or 58 city, Ganji, people network information classification of bidding. Make your web site more exposed in front of the public. 2, the web page layout from the angle of optimization, from a certain irrationality, that is to say, to optimize. 3, website administrator to the website optimization attention not enough, inclined to promote hospital medical topics:.

found that the problem is to solve the problem, Xiao Bian from the recent discovery of these problems summed up some details of the program, here to share. All professional from the foundation, website optimization work, simply attributed to the content optimization and optimization of the chain, the following from these two aspects of the expansion, refining website optimization work.

the first detail: advertising pictures are large and short text – customer experience is poor

The striking attribute of

using pictures, many hospitals site uses large space pictures, I want to say: stupid! Technology engineers are considered from the technical point of view, do not stand in the way of SEO optimization to PS engineer to finish the picture, process engineer, without any optimization, direct application in on the site, large space images, without taking into account the general users of the network environment, the big picture buffer time is long, the general users can not have the patience to wait for the picture to open, on the other hand, the search engine of the large capacity is not how friendly. As a qualified programmer, should be in the process of making the website, it is necessary to set up the ALT attributes of the picture, prompting the search engine can be well included. Write programs using div+css, which is good for search engines.

second details: keyword selection, using the core keywords derived long tail keywords

to many customers doing keyword optimization and found a problem that many customers of key words and how to understand, with their intention to create, as a gynecological hospital, a special promotion: infertility. Strongly requested to do this keyword Baidu home, I was speechless, or my patience, and gave her to fill the SEO optimization topic of an important lesson, but finally some passivation. In fact, we found that the past Internet search is a short keyword input, now more users input a word, we call the long tail keywords, by optimizing the experience of many years, long tail keywords effect than the core keywords effect fast, good effect. We fully derive core keywords to boost core keywords, profits and effects, and double harvests. What are the long tail keywords, such as empty?

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