Men socks founder Chen Bole exclusive decryption men socks independent stand profitable way

the teacher said, very lucky to get the man founder Chen Bole socks, already has a lot of media reports of the sports business "big boy", in the teacher said in the column, the bottom line without harassment Bole brother unbearable host XXXX without integrity, can reveal some of the usual resolutely about the dry cargo, I hope everyone can give in marketing, market and so on in the choice of more or less to bring some inspiration, hope Bole man stockings can do better



– the essence of interactive ————-

interactive 1: why not start the platform and choose independent station? What are the advantages of independent platform and platform compared to


Chen Bole: Men socks is the beginning of localization of package of services, the platform can only do sellers, this service model will be more difficult.

later, we tried to put some ads on Baidu, the traffic conversion rate came almost 0, only to realize that the platform is the target user traffic entrance

began to do Taobao and Jingdong, in order to attract target customers to understand and understand the brand and service of men socks

location: with a simple example to describe the customer to buy Taobao men socks because you are selling socks, to buy socks to buy men socks, and go to the official website, is the first man know this brand to buy socks, socks, this is two different ways. This also led to the official website’s user loyalty is much greater than Taobao.

users: independent website users are themselves controlled, when men socks on line 2nd anniversary we began to push the underwear products, remember to website and Taobao users are sending text messages, the official website of the 60% users have converted, Taobao is only less than 10%, and we also received a warning from Taobao, said after not to allow it to "their" users sending messages, pay attention to Oh, Taobao users are "they", not our own.


2: what is the micro-blog

interactive marketing of several key strokes? See you updated daily micro-blog or many, how to ensure each micro-blog are able to interact with you


Chen Bole: Thank you for your attention. Men socks are made micro-blog marketing, and I also share some of the above micro-blog experience, summed up a few points: first, the content of the form. To the user UGC+ original + adaptation based; second, content sources and presentation methods. Human nature tells the story of man socks related brand, origin, founder and team, products and services, and how to buy the brand idea, content and related data is not no good benefits for men socks brand nothing. Chat with friends

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