Share the test results of each novel

              I in order to do novel, all the procedures of the novel station are tested, and now release the contrast so that everyone can see.    


(PHP program) a novel (.NET program) Fan Fiction (+ASP software) home page can be static, pseudo static page category, chapter directory page static, static page content, page can be static, static category page, chapter directory page static, static page content, the total static HTML, set the task plan that can be collected automatically, error prone, preferably with auxiliary software to collect it, did not test, but my friend said, "can be automatically collected. Own software, automatic collection, updates, web site can be customized, can not phonetic directory. URL can be customized, you can not Pinyin directory. Web site can be customized, you can Pinyin directory,





home can be static

novel introduction page, pseudo static, directory structure to bring info. Not good, SEO.

novel chapter, list page, static,

home, can be static

static page category

novel introduction page, static,

novel chapter, list page, static,

, home,, static

novel introduction page, Pinyin, numbers, custom, Chinese, static, SEO.

chapter of the novel, list page, static. This chapter list can be found with the story page, not the separate chapter catalog page.
has a member system and author system. Recommender system has member system, author system recommendation system. There are member systems and no author systems. It’s hard to recommend system templates. Modify several files >

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