Talking about interactive linking skills and methods

wrote down this article in a hurry, hoping to have some help and inspiration for some people or new webmaster. There are still many places that are not clear enough and not perfect enough. Readers are willing to correct and point out. We progress together! This thanked


some people are not familiar with the working principle of the search engine people even think that only the homepage, upload to the web space, will automatically login search engine; my first website ( submitted to the Google for a long time, how could not find my page? Very puzzled, even very distressed, at a loss……. After a friend introduced into the ADMIN5, a large organization, from there to learn a lot of things, such as how to carry out the external links of the website, exchange links, etc.. Now, I’d like to conclude with some help for you:

website external links is a form of resource cooperation, is one of the common methods of website promotion, the number of external links the site shows a website partner or cyber source information, which is the number of links to other sites is directly related to the site visits and site in the search engine ranking position. Are links to other sites of opportunity is equivalent to get a website promotion opportunities, so the external links in the website rankings occupies a very important position, and search engine optimization is a very difficult to achieve the goal. And this often has a considerable subjective reasons, many people in the exchange of external links, there are two major misconceptions:

1 mistakes: the higher the PR, the better. (1) many station owners are asking for an exchange of links. The first requirement is how much PR is going to exceed. For similar websites, the higher the site PR, the better. This will convert your reverse links, but also can effectively improve the PR value of your web site, your website ranking will also made great contributions (quantity and quality according to the hilltop algorithm, the ranking of the final decision on site. But if the link between the web site and your site does not matter, even if PR is higher, the role of your site is not big. Not only does it mean PR to improve your site, but it also involves the ranking of your site. Google, who has nothing to do with your site, does not translate his links into valid ranking points. (2) even though the inbound web site PR is very high, it is also a similar site, but if the station’s link page has N outgoing links, it doesn’t do much for your website PR. (at least it’s more optimistic than the above, and the site also holds an important role when it comes to ranking.


2 error: the more links, the better,

everything has two sides. The more links, the better is the chain of Web sites, not only similar sites, but also quality of the high web site (quality classification is also a kind of). In this idea (the more links, the better) drives

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