The most easy to ignore site operations Chinese case planning 3 main foothold

website operation Chinese case packaging is very important, before also specially written articles on how to package operations in their product copy of actual combat skills, interested friends can find in my blog. Today we talk about the skills and not the specific writing case, but he Yang think this is more important than actual combat skills, because this if you have not mastered the words behind, write again good also not to move your users. This is the direction of the text planning before positioning, said straightforward, like we write the end point of the text, so we put aside the actual combat skills, to understand the direction of copywriting;

learning copywriting best idea: first know the text of the end point (direction) –> summary of each of the end points, the above commonly used copy planning practical skills –> copy master;


and suggest that you learn the website operation idea is the same, in fact, does not understand the idea, you see more practical skills are in vain, copy to learn more so, especially for the novice may have such a feeling:

see someone a good copy of the special envy, so think in the heart, I also like to write, then every few days to see a good copywriter, so very carefully down, thought again, I also want to write this……

this process may be repeated for a long time, has been thought to have water your tummy, you can flex its muscles, when really, to write their own copy completely dumbfounded! Do not know where to write;

The main reason for the

this phenomenon is not hard, but is not the way you learn, because you don’t get those good ideas and copy exactly behind the starting point is what;

of course in the planning of combat, there are a lot of skills, those who need to constantly practice and summary, but before this, there is a very important thing to clear, is the copy, you want to solve what user pain points, and today we are talking about "copywriting standpoint";


1. What is the end point of copywriting planning?

And we talked about

before the target user location problem, why should the target user location, because we want to know the users to locate the user portrait, where, then we can find them.

here is actually the copywriting purpose and target user group portrait positioning is clear about our work, so don’t be blind to the operation, and so on, we only know the location before we can know the direction of the copy copy in the end what should meet the needs of users, or users of our products. What is the point of interest and we have to do is as far as possible to improve planning goal and user concerns overlap, only in this way, you can copy the popular


, for example:


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