The four principle lets users like your website

In order to make an attractive website,

should follow the following basic principles:

, in addition to an easy to remember domain name and sufficient bandwidth connection to the Internet

site content structure is reasonable,

for a website, how to organize the information content of the publication reasonably, so that visitors can quickly and accurately retrieve the information they want to find is the key to the success of a website. If a web site does not allow users to quickly find what they are looking for, then it is hard to attract visitors.

site information must be updated frequently,


homepage is well designed and will naturally attract people’s attention, but only one or two times. If you want to attract visitors for a long time, the content will eventually be updated.

each time you update your web content, try to prompt the visitors in the home page.

as the web content structure of the tree structure are generally, although some sites frequently updated pages, but the contents of each update is put into all levels of forum or column, the viewer does not know what update. So be sure to show the recently updated web directory in the first page, so that visitors browse.

website content of all Chinese search capability

if a website has only a few pages of content, then it does not need to be retrieved in all Chinese, and the whole convenient method can be queried. But if a site has hundreds or even thousands of "how to do? So, to improve site usability, a certain scale of the website must provide a full Chinese retrieval ability, so that users can find information on this website.

The information interaction ability of


, if a web site is for browsing only, and cannot guide visitors to participate in web content construction, then its appeal is limited. The charm of a web site can only be fully expressed when browsers can communicate easily with information publishers. The success of the game website fully illustrates this point.