How should the local website manage

I have always been more interested in topics, but also my station, but also I think the development of China’s Internet after a trend, but also regarded as a good opportunity for practice. So I hope this article to record the local site on the road, the more are some of my thoughts, no to the test of practice and data support to do so, for your reference, I hope you can cause resonance.

local website, because it is regional, relatively narrow coverage, customer groups concentrated, so it is relatively easy to do promotion.

1, first of all, clear website positioning, which industry to do, and then the entire content of the web site around the industry to start, absolutely can not have any irrelevant content, no matter how fire content.

2, clear two questions, a web site is to whom you see, this determines your way of promotion, and the other your website to earn who’s money, which determines your marketing methods.

3, personally feel that the promotion of local website is the best to do more activities under the line or meeting, and activities must be held on a regular basis, one is to improve the flow, cultivate a group of loyal customers is the most important.

4, if you want to make money as soon as possible, you must set up the sales department as soon as possible, regional sites easier to do sales, while sales is also a very good way to promote the site.

5, website cooperation has been very good application of the site, local sites easier to carry out related cooperation.


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