Learning the innovation of American cable TV websites

with the development of Internet and new media technology, the competition in the global TV field has also entered the era of real time news and audience interaction. U.S. cable news channel in 2006 experienced a decline after the whole audience, since 2007 began implementation of the number of the audience rise; American cable television network CNN, Fox News and three MSNBC competition has been extended to the field of the Internet, in order to attract the attention of audience in new areas, to achieve business breakthroughs.

in the field of traditional cable television, Fox News has been the champion of the ratings in recent years, CNN followed closely, and constantly narrowing the gap, MSNBC ratings ranked third, but a larger increase. Three cable news channels have established a highly advanced web site, these sites have become a real multimedia terminal, with video database, RSS subscription function, through the mobile device to log, also provide live streaming media content.

however, due to the characteristics of Internet and traditional viewing field competition is different, they are in the field of Internet performance ranking and traditional ratings ranking is not consistent, MSNBC and CNN in the website takes advantage of quantity, Foxnews is slightly behind. Although MSNBC has long been ranked third in television ratings, MSNBC has been the most popular site in the cable network, offering video and blog content the most. CNN has the most podcast providers in many web sites. Foxnews has the most exposure on social networking sites because of its parent company’s MySpace site.

basic situation of three major cable TV websites


MSNBC has positioned itself as an exclusive online channel for original news, and has been one of the most visited news websites since 1996, more than any other cable network. With the help of Microsoft technology, NBC has integrated its various news reporting resources, including the NBC TV network and Dateline NBC, and has maintained a management architecture independent of Microsoft and NBC News.

in 2008, MSNBC established a new website tenet: "a more comprehensive view of the press."". Driven by management, since November 2007, MSNBC has conducted two major redesign of the site layout and appearance, several times to adjust the layout of the home page. Many times the direction of adjustment, emphasis on the promotion of video and photo content, and make the site navigation function is more convenient and practical; however, the characteristics of the classification and organization of the essence of reports has not changed, the content classification including sports, weather, politics, entertainment and other news, are highlighted at the top of the page.

in terms of content sources, about half of MSNBC’s content comes from outside sources, and a small number of news media from major countries, >