Five big bad idea of website promotion

: a crooked trick question answer style quiz promotion


anatomy in large knowledge quiz website such as Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, in Soso Ask the answer and their content related issues, and then add their own links in question to publicity website. Generally speaking, if you just write on a web site, this answer is very difficult to do not adopt, so some owners will use some compromise, such as their website cleverly integrated into the answer, let the user interested in opening the website; or a partial answer, behind to provide their own web site. And the webmaster can register multiple username, question and answer, and then answer as the best answer. For example, "what website online movies faster?" this problem, but the best answer is a movie website, are usually in the webmaster to answer the way to promote their own websites.

pros and cons analysis: if the answer to the question is really valuable, can solve the problem of users, which is the persistence of this promotion method is very good, you can flow continuously for the site to bring traffic. But if a lot of questions, and add your own ads, light may cause problems don’t delete, do a lot of advertising time disappear, for Baidu know that search engine website, or even result in the search engine index deleted the consequences.


sound crooked trick had said in a blog

method anatomy: there are many websites offering blogs now. Some webmaster will join in their blog on the site of the article, and then in the article to join the site of the link to promote the website. There is also a popular blog written in a message to promote their website. For example, many celebrities blog visits more than ten million times, if each of their messages are able to grab the "sofa", bringing traffic is also quite large. In addition to some widely used blog programs, such as WordPress and Z-blog, their message function are allowed to enter the website address in this blog input your site address, there will be a message name and website links, so that not only increases the website click, can also increase the external links for the website for effect search engine optimization is very large.

analysis of advantages and disadvantages: to establish a method of multiple blogs if used properly, the excellent and recommended to blog home page, every day to bring traffic to the site is considerable, but it is very difficult to do, need to spend a lot of energy; and in others with message in the blog, although also have the effect, but it is easy to give others a lot of useless comments made to the blog, but also for the bulk of the SPAM, various search engines will have the corresponding punishment measures.

three slanting recruit: with soft Wen invisible propaganda

method of anatomy: in the webmaster related sites, such as webmaster (Admin5), through submission to submit their own experience writing articles, in the article to add your own web site, web site and other >