Choose space to be careful and choose your website from multiple perspectives


afternoon wrote an article "snapshot not update included increased causes and solutions" which made brief mention of the novice webmaster how to choose web space, in fact a high quality of the space is nothing more than: stable, fast and affordable. As long as the above three points of view, then you choose the space is good space, today we walked into the Taobao business space to teach you how to choose the webmaster website space.

let’s first see a map about space,


This is my

in search space when 2 words see sell more merchants click into the above there is a $38 a year in space is a 100M space, let us analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this space.

. From the price point of view, relatively affordable, tens of dollars a year in space is a good choice for the vast majority of the webmaster, if you buy a domain name of 45 yuan, 48 yuan to rent a space, that year the investment was 93 yuan, 93 yuan can get a good a lot of red eye station on the site, but I would like to ask the price of affordable space stable speed??

two. From the bandwidth and space, are 100M, 100M space to do a what? Now a picture is hundreds of Kb, a novel is a few M, 100M will not be enough for most of the site, there is little interest many webmaster covet in front of, the last is not what level the last is the space, and is not proportional to income.

three. From the point of CPU, the different price determines the different amount of CPU, but the stationmaster you thought not, if your web site development faster, while the CPU and limits the development of you, or the loss of their last.

four. From the number of IIS connections with the database, can only say that too little to buy 48 yuan a year, the space of the maximum number of connections is 300, if the space business does not give you credit, set to 200, you don’t know the time when users visit your site is not open, said Jane single point users will find the website.

five. These spaces have a benefit, that is not limited to flow, although flow but a few yuan a G, but can also develop a website to save the province, I suggest that if it is to do a personal blog of people can choose this space, is purely personal entertainment to the hall.


above summarizes how space is tens of dollars, so many owners will be asked to choose a high stability, at the same time the most visited, access speed of space? I’m here for you to say that three simple methods, I believe that as long as you learn these three methods, choose a good space is no longer difficult.

1. Enter Taobao, select high quality >